Store opening hours are 1st and 8th May 2023

Stores May 1

There are malls, grocery chains and shops ObviouslyThe law regarding time of sale is not applicable till date.

However, it is recommended to check the opening hours of a particular store, for example, on the website, because there is no law. Not commanding Opens on Labor Day.

Labor Day was officially established in 1886 in memory of the victims of the so-called Haymarket Massacre in 1889. On May 1, American workers in Chicago began striking for better working conditions, specifically the eight-hour workday. Read more about Labor Day here >>

Stores May 8

On the contrary Closed A week later, on May 8, the shops will be there when we commemorate Victory Day. This applies to all spaces above 200 square meters, e.g. Except gas stations, pharmacies or shops in airports and train stations.

Some malls are open for customers to shop in smaller stores. Delivery services also offer delivery of purchases.

The end of World War II in Europe is celebrated in most European countries on May 8, when the surrender of German troops took effect. In the Czech Republic, this day is commemorated as Victory day. Read more here >>

Holidays on which sales ban applies Holidays to which sales ban does not apply
January 1 – Independence Day of Czech Republic and New Year’s Restoration Good Friday – a rolling holiday
Easter Monday May 1 – Labor Day
May 8 – Victory Day July 5 – Day of Slavic Evangelists Cyril and Methodius
September 28 – Czech State Day July 6 – The day Master John Huss was burned
October 28 – Day of establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state November 17 – Day of struggle for freedom and democracy
December 25 – 1 Christmas Day December 24 – Christmas Day, sales will be allowed only until 12.00
December 26 – 2nd Christmas holiday
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