Statement by the Prime Minister of Georgia about the stadium

Statement of the Prime Minister of Georgia about Maidan – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the words of the head of the Georgian government


The agency noted that Kopakits’ statement was indistinguishable from the words of the Russian leadership.

May 30, 2024, 7:54 pm

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA) commented on the words of the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakits, who recalled “Maidan’s decisions for Ukraine” in a conversation with journalists. IN Press Service The MFA emphasized that the statements of the head of the Georgian government were unacceptable and outrageous for Ukrainians.

“Not Ukraine, which defends itself, but Russia, which has treacherously attacked our land, is responsible for the loss of thousands of lives and the destruction of Ukrainian towns and villages. It is noteworthy that the word “Russia” is not mentioned once in the said statement of the Georgian official. It is sad to observe the steady and steady degradation of the political statements of the Prime Minister of Georgia, They have recently become difficult to distinguish from statements by the Russian leadership,” the Foreign Ministry noted.

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The ministry also insisted that the Russian Federation be punished for war crimes committed in Ukraine, Georgia and other countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged Georgian authorities to refrain from repeated statements of Russian propaganda and the use of Ukraine in Georgia’s internal political struggle.

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Let us recall that in an earlier conversation with journalists, Irakli Kobakitse drew a parallel between the Revolution of Dignity and the protests in Georgia. “No one in Georgia will wait for the stadium,” he declared, and after 2013 Ukraine “collapsed.” He did not mention the Russian occupation that began in 2014 and continues to this day.

On May 28, the Georgian Parliament finally adopted the “Foreign Agents” law, overriding President Salome Jurapishvili’s veto. The document has been compared to a similar Russian document, which is why Jurapishvili vetoed it, and thousands of Georgian citizens went to protest.

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