SPD subcommittee to intermingling with migrants and “strange behavior” of sexual minorities

SPD MP Vladimir Zlínský speaks about low pension growth in the House of Representatives
| Photo: House of Commons

The SPD deputy spoke at an extraordinary meeting of the House of Representatives ahead of a vote on the government’s proposal for a modest increase in pensions, which deputies have been debating since Tuesday.

“It seems completely self-destructive that in previous years no attention was paid to increasing the birth rate of the original population, but naively relied on migration, which was supposed to completely replace the original population before disappearing through extinction and assimilation with incoming immigrants. More or less compatible, Zlínský first chose immigrants as a target.

He then turned his attention to sexual minorities. “On the contrary, the role of the noble family is questioned and sexual minorities with different behavior that do not lead to the reproduction of the human race are generally supported, or the idea that there are no children in the population of developed countries directly helps. Support is given to protect the ecosystems on earth,” said a member of the SPD. “Ironically, the generations that spread the ideas mentioned above will be the final victims of their delusion, but the process will already be irreversible and unstoppable,” declared Slinsky.

Homosexuality and nationalism a la Kotlebovci, replied the Deputy Prime Minister

Both the Jsme fér association, which strives to pass a law allowing same-sex marriages, and Ivan Bartoš, the deputy prime minister and leader of the Pirates, took a stand.

“The SPD is once again despicably trying to exploit LGBT citizens for attention and headlines. This is disgusting and contributes to the spread of hatred in society. Where are the times when Tomio Okamura lovingly said that the Czech Republic is a gay-friendly country,” the Jsme fér association wrote on Twitter.

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“I have heard it, and not only that, including verses about the unnecessary mixing of indigenous peoples. I leave it out of the transcript. Such Nazi rhetoric deserves a strong response. Homosexuality and nationalism and Kotlepovci. It really bothers me…,” Bartos wrote to the iDNES.cz reporter.

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