Someone set fire to an OSPOD officer’s house. He seems to be taking revenge for taking the children

“The incident is under intensive investigation and the accused is already in custody. However, we will not comment on further information due to the current stage of the investigation,” said Gabriela Slavikova, head of the district attorney’s office in Garvina.

He refused to comment on speculations appearing on social networks. Locals say that the attack was carried out as revenge. The owner of the house recently complained to his relatives and colleagues that in recent weeks he was allegedly threatened by the father of one of the children, whose removal from the parents was ordered by the court.

According to Blesku information The man had already threatened an employee of Karvina OSPOD during the court proceedings, because the court must always decide on the proposal of the authorities.

Flames forced a family with children from their home in Garwinska


They lost everything

The city of Corvina provided alternative accommodation for the woman and her husband, who work at town hall. “We gave them a municipal apartment, and the city council decided to donate 50,000 to both of them,” city hall spokesman Lukas Hudecek told Novincom.

The fire broke out last week and the owner of the house along with her husband and two children left the burning house at the last minute. “By the time units arrived at the scene, the fire had completely engulfed the shed, the cars and spread to the roof of the house. The difficult-to-access terrain did not allow high-altitude equipment to be set up at the scene, so firefighters had to use repair ladders to reach the roof. The fire was localized within an hour and it took another hour to put it out,” said Kamila Longarova, a spokeswoman for the fire department.

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Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire. “Firefighters rescued the children’s pet guinea pigs from the burning house. The intervention of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region was called to the scene to provide post-traumatic care to the family,” the fire department spokesperson added.

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Town hall appeals to government: Increase safety of officers

The administration of the city of Garvina also responded to this event, according to which it is time to increase the security of social workers who often face various threats. “The problem is that when they file a criminal complaint, the suspect has the right to see that file, which may contain personal information, including their home address. That is why employees are afraid to file such criminal reports,” said a spokesperson for City Hall.

That is why, according to him, Garvina City Council ordered the municipal secretary a few days ago, calling for increased representation of state authority, including the Prime Minister, Minister of Justice, Interior and Labor and Social Affairs. Security of officers,” Hudeček added.

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