Solar panels and pumps will be booming. I ate a record amount

Last year, 6,440 people applied for subsidies for photovoltaics in November, up from about two thousand the year before. This year, the number has risen to 36,838, a five-fold increase. Rather stupid people, even after the actual implementation of the plan. So the companies were able to create more capacity and a drastic increase in coverage.

On the other hand, there is currently no room for installation and required components. “The space for new devices that we currently list is filling up very quickly,” said Ale Hratek, president of the Photovoltaic and Accumulation Guild.

From the statistics of the Ministry of Environment (ME), it can be seen that the use of photovoltaics is gradually increasing. Shortly after Wolf’s arrest in Ukraine, the subsidies increased enough to put her on the run. Most people complained when the energy crisis was fully exposed and the price of electricity rose to over a thousand euros per megawatt hour.

Much has been made of the new Green Plan framework, with controversy over subsidies for photovoltaics in 2021 and 2022.

The demand for solar power plants has been increasing in the last couple of years. This summer means a new boom in photovoltaics. At the moment, it’s mainly about installing solar panels on homes or businesses, but expect to see projects on non-agricultural land as well, says Martin Sedek, program editor at the Union of Modern Energy.

Pina Sedlk saw the energy price crisis first hand. Photovoltaics is one of the quickest measures that a family in a family home or business can use within a month of deciding to buy a panel, the expert added. The repayment for the house is from six years, half of the investment is covered by the subsidy, so you can get printing plates.

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Fossil evidence in pillar

Demand for heat pipes has also grown at record levels this year. Last year, in the first nine months, 1,767 people applied and this year, 12,756. According to information from the Chamber of Renewable Resources, there are currently 160,000 pumps to be installed in Estonia, of which 30,000 have been added. year.

Heat pumps continue to grow in popularity, especially in relation to photovoltaics, one of the most uncertain and controversial sources of heating and cooling, says Peter Hark, editor of the Association for the Application of Heat Pumps (AVTC).

During this time, tenants have to wait for the installation of solar panels, just like solar panels. As a rule, the wait for a heat pump is weeks, but it can be months, but companies operating in the Czech Republic have begun to invest heavily in increasing their production capacity, Hark said.

According to him, demand increased primarily due to increased gas prices. Recent data from the Czech Statistical Office show that approximately 2.6 million Czech households use gas. One third of the consumption is used for heating and the rest for heating water and cooking.

A lot is within the scope of the new Green Plan for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Boom is called zavaj kotlkov grant The goal this year was to replace non-environmental boilers with solid fuel Most vulnerable families. While only 83 people were registered in MP till November last year, this year there are 2,424. That number has increased tenfold.

One thing I’m sure of is that the nightmare of Russia and fossil fuel dependence in general has been confirmed by studies. According to OMG Agency’s Last Aden Four out of five respondents said the government should support the installation of insulation and photovoltaics with subsidies of up to 95 percent of the cost so that all households can undertake the modernization.

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It turns out that the public supports those who can help us out of the current energy crisis and accelerate the energy transition at the same time. However, a large number of people are still affected by financial and administrative problems, tpn Vizi, an expert at the Center for Transport and Energy, said in the survey.

This year, Vlda won several Dotanch titles. He last drank with the program in November November green spore lamp, It targets people most affected by the health and energy crisis. I can help them with heating and other energy savings. The program also pays for heat pumps and photovoltaics for family homes. However, according to some experts, even this support should focus more on vulnerable groups.

State members should protect vulnerable families and develop programs to support low-income people with heating plants and home-made electronics, G Golow, an energy expert at Hunt Duha, told a conference in Sendu in November.

Revoluun promna energetikiy

Esco expects to introduce changes in legislation to promote renewable resources. Two amendments to the Energy Act are expected to be approved in the next few months. First of all Raises the bar, where production energy from renewable sources can be purchased without a license to manufacture electronics and without a land decision or building permit. The new limit should be 50 kW.

Species, the long Ogwan novel, defines the rules Energy Community. According to them, the leaders of the so-called energy companies can conveniently share the surplus energy of their own production with each other through the public distribution system.

From the transition, experts promise the development of energy assets, the decentralization of energy and the involvement of the population in the march for certain resources. The draft energy law will bring a real revolution in the transformation of the Czech energy sector, said Ondej Paek, expert on subsidies and energy at the Community Energy Union (UKEN).

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Energy communities can be formed as groups of citizens, but also as organizations under the administration of a municipality. According to Nov zelen sprom, special grants are prepared for them to go to sea. Supports installations in apartment buildings and public buildings.

Sedlk of the Association of Modern Energetics estimates that an amendment to Communications could be approved by the middle of the fifth year. After the ban is lifted, demand for photovoltaics can be expected to increase, primarily among housing cooperatives or owner associations, Sedlec said.

According to him, the rate of demand for photovoltaics will not stop, on the contrary, it will continue to grow.

Experts have long pointed to the energy crisis as an opportunity to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels. Their emissions are the largest independent source of greenhouse gases, causing climate change with catastrophic consequences worldwide. own esq republicFirst described by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the UN.

Although the Czech Republic is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world, it is one of the worst countries in the world in terms of per capita emissions. Less than 40 percent of ash emissions come primarily from energy sources, mainly from burning coal.

to allow EG Brno study Disputes in homes have been shown to aid in dream emission. According to the most ambitious dream, the development of renewable community energy will cover 79 percent of their energy consumption in the future.

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