Sick children are still increasing. Kindergartens complain about parental irresponsibility

While respiratory illnesses and flu among adults are decreasing in the Czech Republic, morbidity among children is still increasing. Mostly in young children under six years of age. Kindergartens now deal with frequent infections of the upper respiratory tract and mainly parents complain about the fact that their children bring their children to kindergarten with a fever or a strong cough.

Cough, cold, temperature, but also angina and related pain in the throat. Since the beginning of the year, everything possible has gone through the Czech Republic. As it turns out, it’s far from over. “This week the illness is very big, 24 out of 66 children from the whole school have come. We have tonsillitis, classic angina, even streptococcus,” revealed Vladimíra Hradecká, deputy director of the nursery school in Ústeck.

However, according to doctors, morbidity among children is not very high. It is enough if the parents let them sleep well at home. They are often brought to school with fever. “Mom reacts that the girl is making it. She only came to get her after we took her temperature. It’s getting worse,” Hrateka lamented.

“They bring a sick child, usually they change clothes, put on shoes and go home or work,” one of the mothers confirms this practice. “Anyway, if I know a child is sick, I don’t send him to school, that’s irresponsible of those mothers. What I’ve seen is that they send sick children to kindergarten so they can go out. For coffee with their friends,” she added.

“If children do not get enough rest, and at the same time include children with colds, it is very difficult to prevent the disease,” warns Ilona Hullerova, head of the Association of General Practitioners for Children and Adolescents.

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Kindergartens try to inform parents about high morbidity, while warning children with certain symptoms not to drive. “Teachers see if the child is healthy or not. Parents should be warned. Previously they checked whether the child is healthy and there is nothing in the throat. This is not today, it is very relaxed, not always. In favor of children, “Hüller thinks.

Before the arrival of Covid, an average of three and a half thousand children died in winter for every lakh people, now there are more than seven thousand.


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