Seven bells open the chamber, and the castle is crowned with jewels

During President Zeman’s mandate, it was the fourth constitution. But this time, it has not been five years since the jewels were last exhibited. On Thursday, they traveled from the royal palace to the cathedral with the famous Kora showcase, which showcases the jewels of the heritage. The building will not be in the village of Vladislav, but in the middle of the cathedral. The crown jewels were last exhibited in 1955.

This is the first time in eighty years that the legacy of the First Republic has been commemorated. We want to preserve the same tradition as the crown jewels were displayed in the original Koro showcase, added Main.

In addition, there will be a meeting in the cathedral where the president and prime minister, the leaders of both chambers of parliament, the archbishop of Prague, the provost of the holy chapter and the mayor of Prague will meet. This would probably be the last such meeting of the most important building officials during Milo Zeman’s tenure.

Construction will begin on Tuesday, January 17 and continue until Saturday, January 21, and will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Entry is free, and not only because of this, the castle is a great place to visit. They will go from the Malostransk metro station to the cathedral, the star dog will climb the stairs, and from the other gardens I will go down to III. ndvo Cathedral. For newcomers, the fallen prelim entrance, the new side of the cathedral around the tomb of St. Wojciech will walk to the center of the cathedral, where there will be a display case with jewels.

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Due to operational reasons, as in previous years, day tickets or other tickets will not be issued. Nvtva cannot be booked. Space cannot be entered with bulky luggage. For security reasons visitors will be checked twice, once upon entering the castle grounds and a second time before entering the cathedral.

crowned with esk jewels

The most famous jewels of Svyatoslavsk crown, royal axe, apple and Korunovan k will be on display in the original Korov showcase from 1929, but it will not be only in the cathedral in nvtvnky ek. The body of the structure will be put on display along with the skull of St. on a special day. Wicklava in the Cathedral’s Svyatoslavsk Church. His first time was King Charles IV. Consecrated the crown. Csa wanted to put it on his skull between the crowns. The initiate must be sure that none of his followers will steal the crown.

Another display case will present the textile elements of a set of crown jewels, i.e. the Royal Coat of Arms. In the cathedral’s other nave, the entire built-in plan of two vitrons is completed, one with end cases for the crown, ax and apple, and the other with the posthumous jewels of Bemisl Otakar II.

If there is any minor repair in the jewellery, then a jewelery setting should be used by experts to check it. Restoration work and surveying will take place in the medial and crown coma. On January 22, the Easter Escort will go to a solemn service in the Estonian capital with the Czech crown jewels.

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The crown jewels have been missing for months after leaving the vault in Koma. Last June, J.W. The new official pictures were taken by the photo crew Trenko when the jewel was taken for a while.

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