Russia’s War Against Ukraine – Breaking News, New Map of May 6, Battles of Bagmuth

Immediately about the main thing on May 6

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine lasted 437 days. The invaders are slowly advancing south from Kremenaya, and although they have not achieved serious success there, they continue to attack Pakmut. At the same time, the Russians note an increase in the activity of the armed forces, and in Ukraine they say that the self-defense forces were able to carry out several successful counterattacks. Meanwhile, tension is rising in the temporarily uncontrolled territories due to the expected counter-attack, which is why the occupiers have already started “evacuation” from some settlements.

In this sense “telegraph” Tells about the main events of Ukraine and the world on May 6, but you can get more information on our Telegram channel In this connection.

12:00 p.m It was a restless morning in Belgorod

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11:10 An explosion was heard in Kryvyi Rih. Later, local authorities announced that the enemy UAV had been shot down.

10:00 Commander of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Mykola Olechuk, confirmed that the Air Defense Forces shot down a Russian “Kinzhal” missile over Kyiv.

09:30 Tonight, May 6, the Russian invaders resorted to the “Shakhed” attack. Eastern Air Force destroyed all seven targets.

08:33 They write about the explosions in Crimea

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08:30 New data on enemy losses per day

08:00 At night, the Dnipropetrovsk region was attacked by “Shahits”. According to the head of OVA, Serhiy Lysak, the wreckage of the downed drones fell in the Synelnykiv district. Windows of 5 private houses were broken. Two farm buildings and a power line were damaged.

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07:31 During the day, the Ukrainian army destroyed 5 enemy drones of the Shahed-136/131 type, 2 UAVs of the Zala type, one “Arlan-10”, one “Kub” and one PPBA of the “Lancet” type.

06:00 Enemy forces are likely to come refused From attacks on Pakmut and expect a counter attack by armed forces, – ISW.

05:00 On May 9, the Russian Federation Prepares a provocation “Disguising” its soldiers in the uniform of the armed forces – intelligence.

03:00 Schmihal discussed with Ursula van der Leyen the reconstruction of Ukraine and further support for the EU.

01:20 A series of explosions rang out in Dnipro.

01:00 Head of RVA – Russian troops shelled Nikopol district using lighting projectiles.

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00:00 The invaders subjected Bakmut to massive shelling using phosphorus munitions.

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