Russians put pressure on armed forces ranks, fighting continues: Latest news from frontline from civil servants

A large number of clashes took place in the Pokrovsky direction.

The situation on the front lines is tense, but under control. The Ukrainian army is actively resisting the Russian army, causing losses in manpower and equipment. Usually, this happened from the beginning of the day 78 Battle Encounters.

about this It is said Evening briefing of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for July 7.

Russian shelling situation

Border settlements Sumy and Chernihiv regions They continue to suffer from indiscriminate artillery shelling from the territory of the Russian Federation. Popivka, Pavlivka, Vodolagi, Myropilske and Nova Huta residential areas were hit by barrel artillery fire and MLRS.

At the same time, it was subjected to constant bombardment by enemy aircraft Kharkiv region. Today, July 7, from Russian cities Belgorod and Shebekino The terrorists carried out eleven airstrikes – firing 24 anti-aircraft missiles. They targeted the Ukrainian settlements of Lipsi and Vovsansk.

Situation before July 7

In the Kharkiv direction, the Russian invaders attacked the defense lines of the nearby Ukrainian units three times. Staritsy, Lyptsiv and Vovchansk. Two attacks have been foiled and one is ongoing.

In the direction of Kubiansk The enemy attacked our positions seven times in the areas of Stepova Novoselivka, Pishzani, Sinkivka, Stelmakivka and Andreevka. Three conflicts are still ongoing. Ukrainian soldiers are committed to defense.

In the Limansky direction During the day, the invading army launched 10 attacks on Ukrainian positions near Makhivka, Krakivka, Nevsky, and Terni. Seven battles have ended without victory for the enemy, and three are still in progress.

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The enemy is constantly looking for weak points in our defenses Seversky direction. Near Verkhnyokamyansk, defenders of the Ukrainian land repulsed two enemy attacks. The situation is under control.

In the direction of Kramatorsk The invaders launched an attack on the positions of our troops near Kalinivka. The war is still going on.

In the direction of Doretsky Three unsuccessful enemy attacks took place in the Severnoy and Doretsk regions.

Pokrovsky direction A large number of battles. Since the beginning of the day, the occupiers have made 27 attempts to dislodge our defenders from their occupied positions in Newyork, Novoleksandrivka, Vostvishenka, Kalinovai, Prokhresu, Losuvatsky, Novoselivka Bershoi and Yasnoprodyvka districts. The defense forces repulsed 19 enemy attacks and eight battles are still ongoing. Enemy losses are purged.

The General Staff clarified that soldiers of the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Colonel General Mark Bezruchka shot down an enemy Su-25 aircraft in this direction.

A battle continues In the direction of Curacao. So far, Ukrainian defenders have repelled 15 attacks by the occupation army. The enemy is concentrating his efforts in the direction of Paraskovivka.

In the direction of Vremivsk There were seven enemy attacks near Vodyanyi, Makarivka and Kostyantynivka. Our soldiers repulsed six attacks, and one more – continues.

In the direction of Orihiv Divisions of our troops repulsed two Russian attacks. Here, the aggressors failed in Mala Dokmachka and Robotini areas.

In the direction of the Dnieper The enemy defeated our defenders on the left bank of the Dnieper.

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Let us remind that the spokesman of the operational-strategic group of the “Cortisia” troops, Nazar Voloshin, spoke about the current situation in the Doretsk region.

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