Russians prevent secession from Kadyrov residents in Kharkiv region – ZSU

The Russian army suffered losses and was defeated in the Kharkiv region, therefore, in support of its operations, it is forced to maneuver enemy reserves, move units in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Ukrainian state border line and reserves to replenish its forces.

On the border with Kharkiv region The Russian occupiers set up a barricade of Kadyrov’s troops to prevent the Russians from fleeing from Ukrainian territory.

Spokesman of “Khortytsia” OSUV Nazar Voloshyn said about this on Telethon air.

“There is information that they will deploy these units (Kadirovtsy – ed.) to regroup their troops. The enemy follows the tactic of deploying blocking units from among the personnel of this Akhmat division. Of course, they will be placed. Above all, on the borders or near the borders from the north of Kharkiv Oblast, the enemy “The army suffered losses and was defeated, therefore, in support of its operations, the enemy is forced to maneuver reserves. Replenish its forces and means at the expense of our state border and the reserves of the 11th and 44th military forces of the Russian Federation,” Voloshin said.

Let’s remind The Russian offensive that began in May in the north of the Kharkiv region has effectively stopped. The situation on the frontline in Ukraine has deteriorated significantly. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are creating a difficult situation near Kubyansk and are trying to break it from two directions, said the Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Oleksandr Chirsky. According to him, given two things – adequate ammunition and reserves – the security forces can hold back.

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