“Russia will not win” – Biden at NATO summit

US President Joe Biden says that Russia is trying to “wipe Ukraine off the face of the earth”, but he firmly believes that Russia will not win a war against Ukraine.

“Ukraine can stop Putin, especially with our full collective support. They have our full support,” Biden said on the first day of a NATO summit in the United States on July 9.

Biden added that NATO today is “stronger than at any time in its history.”

“When this senseless war began, Ukraine was a free country. It remains a free country today. The war will end with Ukraine being a free and independent country. Russia will not win. Ukraine will win,” the US president stressed.

In addition, Biden said in his speech that Ukraine will receive air defense systems.

A statement published on the White House website on July 9 stated that Western countries are jointly providing Ukraine with the following air defense systems:

  • Additional Patriot batteries from USA, Germany and Romania
  • Components of the Patriot complex provided by the Netherlands and other partners to ensure the operation of the additional Patriot battery
  • Additional SAMP-T system from Italy

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at a conference on Ukraine’s reconstruction in Berlin on June 11 that Ukraine needed at least seven patriotic organizations to seal off key urban agglomerations from Russian strikes.

The NATO summit will be held in Washington on July 9-11. Deterring Russian aggression and supporting Ukraine are among the main issues at the annual meeting, which marks the 75th year since the alliance was formed.

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Upon his arrival in Washington, Zelensky said Ukraine’s focus at the summit was on acquisition of air defense systems, aircraft and security guarantees.

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