Russia attacked Ukraine with drones and missiles –

Civil infrastructure has been damaged in the Kharkiv area

In Ukraine on Thursday, March 30 at 22:00 It started spreading Wind warning First, sirens sounded in the north – in the Sumy and Chernihiv regions. Then wind danger was declared in many regions, especially in Kiev. At the same time as the alarm spread, Kyiv OVA residents were warned of the threat of drone strikes. Officials have urged people to stay in safe places until the danger is over.

Later, Kharkiv became aware of the explosions. The shelling of the city was indeed immediately officially confirmed. A little later, the first details of the attack of the invaders were reported – 6 “visits” as a result of S-300 rocket fire, damage to infrastructure, cars and a private house. Already on the night of Friday, March 31, the first scenes from the “arrival” sites appeared. Law enforcement officers, emergency workers and utility workers currently work there. There is currently no information on victims and victims.

In addition to residents of Kharkiv region, explosions also occurred in Zaporizhia province during the night. Local media in Zaporizhzhia reported a restless start on Friday. Officials have called on citizens to immediately go to shelters and not to divulge any details about the origin of the official information about the attack by the invaders. Further details on the situation in the region are yet to be reported.

The aerial alert lasted for about four hours in many parts of the country.

We will remind you that a “cotton” incident occurred on Thursday evening in the Belgorod region. Local residents posted a video of the explosion.

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