Residents of Kramatorka reported details of Saturday’s shelling –

Russian terrorism continues to claim civilian lives.

The number of casualties increased to 10 as a result of enemy shelling of Kramatorsk with cluster munitions on March 18. Also, at least two people died.

Local residents gave details of another attack by the invaders. informs Donetsk OVA.

“It flew in. There were a lot of explosions. They fell to the ground with the child and lay there until it was over. Words cannot express what happened here,” said Andrey, a resident of the village.

The man says his family is lucky. They were home when it “flew” into the garage near the apartment.

Lina, a local resident, said the shelling began when she was returning home from a meeting with her acquaintance Natalya, who works as a taxi driver. Lina managed to run into the house and wait out the attack, but her friend was injured.

“…Then I remember Natasha, running out into the street. I saw the car wrecked. She was lying under the fence in a pool of blood. You could see there were pieces on her. She was moaning, but she was. Conscious,” she said.

Ukrainian Kramatorsk was one of the biggest irritants to the Russians. They are deliberately attacking the city, trying to kill as many of its citizens as possible, Donetsk OVA reports.

Let us remind you that on the night of March 18, a residential complex in Zaporizhia was damaged as a result of shelling by occupying Russian troops. The invaders hit the city with S-300 missiles.

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