Reporter Toleji on the European Commissioner election: Most mayors rejected Neruda

The Czech government has tabled the names of candidates for the post of European Commissioner. The STAN movement finally nominated two of its members: the newly elected MEP Danuša Nerudová and the Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Sigela. What further domestic political impact will the European Commissioner election have?

Here’s what you hear at 5:59 in today’s episode

  • Why mayors and independents are proposing two candidates for European commissioner.
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses for an important position in the European Commission?
  • If anyone else can speak on the struggle to be sent to Brussels.

Earlier this week, the Movement of Seniors and Independents proposed to the government two candidates for the post of European Commissioner of the Czech Republic – Danuša Nerudová, the new MEP and former rector of Mendel University, and Jozef Sigela, Minister of Industry and Trade.

The leader of the movement and at the same time the Minister of the Interior, Vit Ragusan At a press conference on Monday European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s request played a role in the decision, he said. He had earlier mentioned that he prefers that states always propose a man and a woman for the post, and that a suitable candidate will be chosen during the next interview.

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Correspondent Chesnam Sprave Vaclav Dolejy.

“It boiled over among the mayors.”

In recent European elections, mayors won 8.7 percent of the vote and two parliamentary seats. Although they present the result as a victory, their ambitions are lofty. Before the vote, their representatives indicated they wanted four parliamentary mandates, and they hoped Danus Nerutova, who finished third in last year’s presidential race, would bring them a sufficient number of voters.

In the end, this happened only partially – although the data showed that Nerudova brought votes to the party, they were not as many as the mayors had promised since she was named the presidential candidate. According to Dolejší, Minister Jozef Síkela, supported not only by the STAN movement but also by the Spolu coalition, has become the “clear favorite” for the European Commissioner in recent days.

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“Things are very heated between the mayors until today. Because, according to my information, Nerudova was ready to give up the candidacy in favor of Joseph Sigella and say something else for it. But he was angered by the statements of some high-ranking mayors that he should forget that he is a European commissioner if he does not deliver the four mandates. clarified. This upset her and she decided to keep fighting,” explains Doleji.

Who is the favorite?

However, according to the reporter, several factors are currently working against Neruda. Some representatives of STAN and, by extension, the government, are particularly concerned by their political inexperience. While former prime ministers, ministers or long-term MEPs often sit on the European Commission, Nerudova had no such experience. However, he served four years as rector of the Mendel University and was also chairman of the Fair Pensions Commission under the Andrzej Babis (ANO) government.

“I think she feels wronged, maybe even bitter. (…) In her view, even the mayors failed her and they blame her for not delivering a good result. That made her very disappointed,” says Doleji.

However, according to him, the problem is that the Czech Republic – according to Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) – is interested in a “strong economic portfolio”, which it has so far failed to get to its representatives. However, Nerudova says that the Czech Republic cannot claim strong portfolios and will take care of “regions”.

Instead, according to Sikela, thanks to his experience in ministries and multinational private companies, he prefers to approach strong “sectors” that manage energy, competitiveness, the internal market or industry.

“He has a big corporate career, speaks many languages ​​and has a lot of contacts in the West in big business, so that’s a plus. But the negative is his vanity. It’s something that gets the thumbs up. Sometimes I hear the elders say: Joseph is the one who sent him there the next day and he’s no where. He forgets that he belongs to the country,” narrates the reporter.

In the 5:59 podcast, you will also learn why the candidate for European Commissioner was chosen by the mayors and the independence movement or what role pirates can still play in the selection process. Listen in the player at the beginning of the article.

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