Really strong coffee… There is a case against Šafra’s Forum24. See why

13.10.2023 17:20 | monitoring

Writer, director and artist Jan Tománek announced that he is filing a lawsuit against the Forum24 server, whose editor-in-chief is now Johana Hovorkova, and some of its editors; The reason was for publishing “false and deliberately defamatory articles” about his person. Tománek is now seeking an apology and monetary compensation for damages, which he reports on his blog.

Really strong coffee... There is a case against Šafra's Forum24.  See why

Hans Stumpera

Description: John Domanech

“The file of ‘normal’ media exposure has long been overflowing, but journalistic work should also have some limits, I think, to not constantly wade into deep mud and write outright lies with only one goal: to discredit and increase readership and own sales,” Domanech writes. blog.

Specifically, it states that the disputed material is a “false and intentionally defamatory article.” “We have another bottom. The mayor of Nachot’s eighteen-year-old daughter is dead.All Sunday was on the main page of the server, written directly on September 24 by Johanna Hoverkova, editor-in-chief of the Forum24 server.


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In the text, without citing any evidence, the author tries to create the impression that I rejoice in someone’s death, and what’s more, ‘Mr. Domanech.’ It’s a really strong coffee that can’t be easily passed over,” the writer points out.

“That’s why I decided to file a lawsuit against Forum24 and demand both an apology and financial compensation for the damage caused,” adds Tománek.

A week ago, his lawyer Tomáš Nielsen sent a written pre-trial request to the server on the issue of unauthorized interference with the right to privacy, in which they demanded the removal of the article, an apology and payment. A “symbolic” amount of 1 million crowns that Domanech will donate to the children.

“Instead of an apology and a response, another false article about me was published in a weekly newspaper printed today, this time another editor trying to give the impression that I was writing a ‘make me famous’ article, or perhaps mocking death, and he deleted it,” commented Domanech, who wrote such a text. Didn’t write anything, so couldn’t delete it either.

“The only status I posted about the death of Mayor Birk’s daughter is still online, and it’s an image linking to the mayor’s old article promoting youth vaccinations and a recent newspaper article in which the media reported his young daughter died of an embolism. I don’t want to comment in any way and others should ask questions. I wrote forever,” he says.

According to Tománek, this is not a random and isolated excess from the Forum24 server – he has counted a total of fourteen defamatory articles about him so far.


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