Radim Fiala from the SPD: We do not plan to block the pension reform

“For us, the pension reform is non-votable. But there will be no deadlock during the debate. After the Constitutional Court said the coalition can set a fixed voting time, I assume they will set the same for pensions,” Fiala told CNN’s Prima News.

The SPD has been popular during this term of the House of Representatives, for example, when its leader Tomio Okamura gave a speech lasting ten hours and forty-four minutes this January when discussing the postal election for Czechs abroad. At the same time, he often has speeches that last for hours.

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“I hope we will not convince the coalition and use the time differently in the debate,” Fiala said. For example, to convince citizens of their opinion.

Kupka: Low pensioners

According to Minister Kupka, pension reform is necessary to ensure a decent pension for the next generation of residents. Otherwise, the Czech Republic will hit a wall. “Last year there were 2.2 people per pensioner, and in 2050 it will be 1.5,” he said. According to him, that is why, for example, the retirement age is increasing beyond 65.

This is certainly unacceptable to the SPD and other anti-ANO movements. So, in the next term, if they have the power, they will try to cancel the matter. For them, people can’t work anyway and be on benefits. “For this to be a pension reform, it must include a pro-family component,” Fiala said, adding that the birth rate must increase.

According to the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jurecka (KDU-ČSL), the retirement age based on a life expectancy of fifty years should be increased by two months per year, so that people will have an average of 21.5 years of retirement. They should learn the date of departure at the age of fifty.

This has been criticized not only by the opposition but also by demographers who suggest more moderate growth. Jurečka wants to discuss their plan.

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