Putin replied that he was considering a ceasefire in Ukraine

After his visit to Kyiv on July 5, the Hungarian Prime Minister went to Moscow on a “peace mission”.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin Ukraine is not interested in a ceasefire and negotiations.

about this Said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban In an interview with Roger Koeppel, editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Die Weltwoch.

According to him, Putin said that real negotiations are impossible without the participation of both sides, and “it doesn’t matter what they do without them, it’s logical.” The Russian dictator announced that the Kremlin had already responded to Ukraine’s first proposals in the spring of 2022, and that Moscow’s position had not changed since then and that Russia was ready for negotiations on the same terms.

Orbán also shared Putin’s view on the ceasefire.

“Zelensky said he had no positive expectations because the Russians would use it against Ukraine, and Putin said the Ukrainians would use this moratorium against Russia. I said: “Let’s think about it, I understand your arguments.”– said the Prime Minister of Hungary.

Let’s remind After a visit to Kiev On July 5, the Hungarian prime minister traveled to Moscow on a “peace mission” to meet Putin. He said he wanted to hear both sides of the conflict.

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