Ptibojai oekvaj innovation and stand against the return of Rus. Freedom? Speak for yourself

“We consider the decision to allow Russ and Flores to start during the long-running conflict in Ukraine wrong for ethical, political and certainly sporting reasons,” the Czech Union of Modern Wrestling said in a press release.

In this way, he responded to Svoboda’s publication last week and the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in which he supports the return of Russian and Belarusian athletes to international competitions.

We don’t want to comment on what happened last week. Prohlen David Svoboda has nothing to do with the union, it’s just his vc. “Our position is clear and we stand behind it,” declared President David Marev.

The International Olympic Committee has shifted responsibility to individual federations, coach Jakub Guevara added, pointing out that the modern wrestlers published so far are in line with the position of the Czech government, the National Sports Institute and the Czech Olympic Committee.

Coach Jakub Guevara to meet modern pentathletes at the start of the season.

But don’t start from the point of view of support systems. We have relatively strong ethical, political, but mainly sporting arguments which, in our opinion, prevent us from preserving the integrity of the competition. Rusov and Blorusov have been unable to avoid international competition for the past thirty months, and this automatically affects the possibility of the World Anti-Doping Agency monitoring the movement of athletes and spectators.

According to Guevara, all checks take place only in the Russian Federation. The world of anti-doping agencies is very limited in their ability to detect athletes.

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On the other hand, other attractors have come under scrutiny. Martin Vlach, who passed eight off-court tests in the last thirteen months, was one of the eight charmers tested.

If, for any reason, we decide to part ways with you. “There will be no reduction in conventional strength because we don’t have information about them, at least in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčanti-doping,” Guevara said.

Game reaction to wolf in Ukraine

Additionally, the first event will be held in Europe, where athletes from both countries have special access. European Games Guest Poland Krakow and Swatow Ambient English Bath.

During the general conflict, blacks probably won’t get a pass, he pointed out.

The given problem is solved in the condition of removing relations with the armed forces of Russian and Belarusian athletes. In modern warfare, linkage to military structure is critical. A similar connection works in our country and in the cells of other countries.

In addition, the President of the Russian Federation Vyaslav Aminov does not hide his closeness with Vladimir Putin, and he is also the president of the Central Military Sports Club CSKA Moscow.

Good luck this year

Ptibojai, on the other hand, protested in vain against parkour being banned and becca running instead. This year, a new discipline will appear in the top junior and adult events.

The union began to cooperate with the Czech Association of Bec Sports, which is under its control as it is now. Chosen adults and younger ones grow on them.

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We must respect the union’s democratic decision, said current top Czech representative Martin Vlach, who will be affected by the change after the Olympics. Until then, he wants to focus on the classic form of Btibog. For now, I am teaching the new disciple, he admitted.

Martin Vlach is setk

Pet killer Karolna Kenkov admits she won’t take her either. Parkour takes you to such a place, he added. Neither thought about the end of their lives.

It is still unclear what will happen to modern pentathlon after the Summer Games in Pai. The IOC will decide whether to include the sport in the program for the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles in mid-January.

According to Guevara, if the proposal is rejected, it will open a discussion about Parker’s recall.

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