Producer prices in the Czech Republic rose ten percent in January

In agriculture, the prices of potatoes and eggs have increased significantly compared to last January. Potato prices increased by 43.1 percent and egg prices by 82.7 percent.

Overall, prices of crop production rose by 17.7 percent. Apart from potatoes, prices of vegetables increased by 39.1 percent and grains by 27.5 percent.

In contrast, the price of fruits fell by 7.4 percent and the price of oilseeds fell by 2.2 percent. In livestock production, prices rose by 37.8 percent, the highest year-on-year growth so far, according to CZSO. Apart from eggs, pig prices rose by 51 percent, chicken prices by 29.1 percent, milk prices by 36.4 percent and cattle prices by 19.7 percent.

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In industry, for example, prices of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning rose by 35.7 per cent, while prices of black and brown coal and lignite rose by 82 per cent. According to Vladimir Klimeš, head of the CZSO Industry and Foreign Trade Statistics Department, energy prices have contributed the most to price increases in industry.

Industrial producer prices, excluding energy, rose 13.3 percent year-on-year. In addition to electricity and coal, the price of water increased by 16.3 percent, food prices by 29.1 percent and motor vehicles by 6.2 percent.

In January, statisticians mostly recorded a month-on-month increase in prices. Prices for agricultural producers rose 1.7 percent, industrial producers rose 5.8 percent, and construction prices rose 0.6 percent. Only prices for market services to businesses fell slightly month-on-month, down 0.3 percent.

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