Prime Minister Fiala said there will be only two VAT rates and therefore 22 tax exemptions.

The coalition’s goal is to reduce the structural deficit, which corresponds to one percent of GDP, by at least 70 billion crowns.

According to Prime Minister Fiala, if the government does not adjourn tomorrow, the budget deficit will be 94 billion kroner in the fifth year and 148 billion kroner in 2025.

Entitlements to Age Pension and Retirement

The main reason for the reform of pensions is that now the government has to pay more for pensions and cannot get them back. Pibv is a pensioner and some people of working age are to be pensioned. Fiala said it was this government that had the courage to agree to the pension reform. According to him, pension reform depends on proper introduction of retirement age, changes in the assessment of pensions and proper pensions.

Speaker of the House and TOP 09 Markta Pekarov Adamov said that the package in question is anti-inflationary and anti-debt.

Pension expenses are about 30 percent of gross income. Last year, nearly 600 billion crowns were paid, and this year it may total 90 billion.

Pension reform should also contribute to providing pensioners with a decent pension in the future and not falling below the poverty line.

However, the growth of new money has slowed, and he wants to improve conditions for permanent retirement. According to earlier releases by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marion Jureka, the old-age pension can go after 40 years of service instead of the previous 35 years and two years before the deadline.

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Let’s establish the period of old-age pension, which today averages 21.5 years. Jureka said that if times change, this parameter will change, if not, the current situation will change.

State support for pension schemes should be changed. To obtain a state permit, a hunter must make a minimum deposit of one ptistove, and the maximum deposit for a state permit also changes. Today, a customer can receive a maximum of 230 crowns per month if the minimum is one thousand crowns.

The Prime Minister announced that only two VAT rates are new and 22 tax exemptions have been cancelled.

Finance Minister Zbynk Stanjura told the duo that he wanted to implement the dream of national grants worth tens of thousands of kroner in a controversial package. According to Prime Minister Fiala, the limited non-investment subsidy will be 46 billion kroner, while operating and salary income will be 20 billion kroner.

Instead of the current three VAT rates (10, 15 and 21 percent), the coalition wants two rates. The last variation of VAT considered by the coalition before introducing the package was 12 and 21 percent.

Prime Minister Fiala has confirmed that VAT will replace the current rate at two rates. The government imposes higher taxes on alcohol, while looking to lower prices on food, housing and medicine.

eten means checks for pension amount for salary of permanent employees. “I want this government to be strong, full of its functions, able to protect people and provide energy, but at the same time it is not overburdened and overwhelmed by bureaucracy,” Prime Minister Peter Fiala wrote on Facebook.

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The coalition also has some tax exemptions for non-working wives and husbands, such as stamp duty and tax exemptions. Pensions for the budget, for example, should reintroduce health insurance for employees at a rate of 1.1 percent of gross salary.

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