“Prigohyn is already happy to talk, but he can’t” – tsn.ua

He noted that the Russians had “achieved a certain tactical success” with heavy losses.

Head of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrillo Budanov Commenting on why the Russian occupiers are trying so hard to capture Bagmut.

That’s him said In an interview with “RBK-Ukraine”.

Yes, he noted, this was the only place where the enemy had “gained some tactical success” with heavy losses.

“And against the background of not being successful anywhere else, even their “stupid” society faces the problem of having to show something, some kind of success. At least this is where they succeed,” he said. Mentioned.

Budanov also said that Yevgeny Prigozhin, once head of the “Wagner” PMC, said he would take over Bakmuth.

“He would be happy to talk about it, but he can’t. In other words, everything came together,” the head of GUR added.

But Kyrillo Budanov declined to comment on how the temporary loss of Pakmut by Ukraine might affect the general situation. According to his ideology, “It is worse to lose anything.”

We will remind, answered Kyrillo Budanov, Will the West Reduce Support for Ukraine? In case of limited successes of counter attack. He also noted that if a country decides to slow down, someone will replace it.

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