President Zeman is not retiring. He wants to be available to people

Miloš Zeman’s presidential mandate ends on March 8, 2023, but he is not going to retire completely. After leaving the castle, he wants to set up his own office so that he can continue to be available to people. However, it is not yet clear who will help him in his mission.

It is said that Miloš Zeman is definitely not going to enjoy his retirement in his beloved Vysočina, as he wants to follow the example of previous presidents and establish his own company. They say it will be some kind of office.

“Of course, I am preparing an office, because like every ex-president, I can assume that people and organizations will sometimes turn to me. And someone has to organize my plan. So an office is needed,” he explained. President Miloš Zeman. Political scientist Lukas Jelinek thinks that “he will be the same gloss he used to be even after he leaves the prime ministership.”

It is not yet clear who will help run the presidency. “There is already a lot of speculation about where his current colleagues will go, and maybe he will be the last assistant to save him after his time away from Prague Castle,” Jelinek said.

According to the law, the former president is entitled to 50,000 kroner a month for the performance of his office and an assistant salary after his term ends. Speaker, you left unanswered the question of whether Jiri Ovkaček is still available for the presidency.

The president is entitled to 50,000 crowns a month, he can also use a company car and security. “This is not a high standard compared to other heads of state. The amount currently allocated to their protection is very low compared to the salaries of constitutional officers or the average rising wages,” Jelinek explained.

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The first two Czech presidents, Václav Havel and Václav Klaus, also owned their companies. Their operation is partially subsidized by private individuals. It is not yet known who will take over Zeman’s office and where it will be located. Currently, the President is mainly dealing with moving to his own place.

After his term ended, Milos Zeman would move from Lani Castle to a new house he built in Lani, where he spent most of his time during his tenure. Permission should be obtained by January. Zeman has already changed his permanent residential address this year, and he voted for the first time as a Lanska citizen in this year’s municipal elections.


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