Prague councilors approved changes to the main station and Forman Square

At the main station, CR-City, in which Czech Railways and Penta, among others, are represented, Praha 2 and the Planning and Development Agency are joined. The owners of the land plan to close the railway yard and build houses here. It was criticized not only by the Arnika, AutoMat and Klub Za starou Praha associations, but also by the opposition Pirates 2 in Prague. Critics pointed out the great urgency.

“We call for a substantive and constructive public debate on how to deal with this strategic territory in the future and how to coordinate the interests that converge in this region,” responded Martin Lansky, a spokesman for Penta, on behalf of the company. Penta also has stakes in other land nearby, for example, it co-owns land for the now-demolished Transgas.

Critics pointed to the need for a regional study, a clear mandate or conditions to be addressed locally. But they are not in the proposal. “A ten-hectare area in the city center turned into a blank check for Penta,” wrote Anna Winklerkova from Arnica on the social network. Others worry about Fant’s Art Nouveau building being fenced off.

Photo: Stanislava Penasova, Nowinki

The symbol of the main train station in Prague is the iconic Fant building, which has recently been renovated

Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček (for STAN) recently mentioned the idea of ​​a central station with several levels of train height. The route from the airport runs through the tunnel to the main station, the S Metro, the city subway, all under the existing C Metro line.

At the main station, the city and the railway administration are working on a plan to replace the heritage-protected check-in hall with another building, the design of which has emerged from an international architecture competition.

New main stationVideo: Planning and Development Agency City of Prague

According to Lansky, the idea of ​​a central railway station roof was previously developed by leading architects Karel Prager in the 1970s and Jakub Sigler in 2018.

Photo: Archive, Law

The idea of ​​a roof and buildings above the main train station was developed in the 1970s by architects Gama Karel Prager and Jiri Sramek.

Councilors also recommended that delegates approve an initiative to change the zoning plan for Milos Forman Square. According to the owners’ proposal, the square, an area of ​​urban importance, should generally become a mixed area, which would allow the implementation of the criticized Old Town Gate project at the corner of Bariska and Bilkova streets.

Councilors are due to decide on the initiatives next Thursday as the last submissions for changes to the zoning plan. Later, it was no longer possible due to construction law.

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