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Most people think that if Putin dies, there will be a rapid change in politics, but according to Anton Kuchuhits, this is a controversial thesis.

Recently, anonymous Telegram channels controlled by the Russian Federation have been actively spreading rumors about the death of Volodymyr, the head of the occupied country of the Russian Federation. pathsOn that day.

What is the pity of rumors about Putin’s death for Ukrainians, explained the international political scientist Anton Kuchuhitze on Telethon broadcast on October 28.

“Full concentration is required before and after the war. The psychological aspect of conducting the war is important. At first glance, it may not be felt, but concentration is very important. If we make this topic very strong, what he (Putin – ed.) is really dead – many residents of Ukraine can rest and you Everyone understands very well: in fact, every citizen of Ukraine contributes to the army, every Ukrainian has friends, relatives and family members in front. The whole state participates in the war in one way or another, you cannot relax,” the political scientist emphasizes.

Most people think that if the terrorist Putin dies, there will be a quick change in policy, but, according to Kuchuhits, this is a controversial thesis.

“It is not clear who will come and which group will win. For example, if Shoigu or his (Putin – ed.) influence group led by his oligarchs wins, you understand that they will not stop the war. For example, as the Americans say, there are always some contacts there. There are people, for example, Patrushev, maybe there will be some changes … Until the last xenophobic soldier leaves our territory, we will not have peace and relaxation “, – summed up the international political scientist.

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Let’s remind the media Rumors are swirling about Putin’s heart attack.

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