Police charge teacher who denied war in Ukraine in class

“On January 13, a natural person was criminally prosecuted for acts worthy of the crimes of denying, questioning, approving and justifying the genocide,” said Ales Simbala, a spokesman for the Prague City Prosecutor’s Office. Daily Bravo.

“The matter will continue to be investigated,” he said, adding that if a charge sheet is filed, the woman could be jailed for 6 months to 3 years.

Maybe pointed out A list of reports from Kristina Sirokova’s journalistic show Derren last April.

During the style lesson, the teacher fed the students misinformation spread by Russian propaganda.

“Yesterday, I deleted it, and I accidentally left a picture of contemporary Kevin. It’s like nothing happened,” he says in an audio recording recorded by an eighth-grader.

Heard during the course of walking

Excerpts from the audio recordings made by the children during the lesson can be heard in the report of the Terran project by Kristina Sirokova.

When the students tried to argue that they saw news of Kyiv burning, Bednářová responded by asking if it was on Czech TV. “ČT1 is owned by a media group affiliated with billionaire Soros. We know who it should be paid to,” he told the children.

During the eighteen-minute recording, several imprecise formulas and manipulations are heard.

Conflict with school

The principal of the school, Renata Rydlova, prevented the Czech teacher from continuing to teach at the school due to an employer ban.

Early last August, Bednarova received a notice from the administration, against which she decided to defend herself in court. In the dispute with the school, he was represented by lawyer Jana Kudinova.

“I did not represent teacher Bednarova in this matter. Even if I did represent, I have no instructions to communicate with the media, so I cannot comment on it,” Kudinova told Cesnam Spravam about the current accusation.

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