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OP’s councilor believes that the refusal of Ukrainians from Crimea will help “preserve the current political regime in Russia”.

A successful counter-offensive by the armed forces would force Russia to quickly withdraw from occupied Crimea, so there could be no “traders” regarding the peninsula.

This was stated by the advisor to the President’s Office Head, Mykailo Podoliak “Channel 24”.

Podlyak commented on the statements of Andrii Sybiga, deputy head of the OP, who said that Kyiv could enter negotiations with the Russian Federation regarding Crimea when Ukrainian troops reach the borders of the peninsula.

“Now about what Mr. Sibika said, he simply recorded that, for example, if we approach the administrative border with Crimea, Russia will tell us: ‘We are ready to withdraw our troops, but give us 2, 3, 4 days, and then we can fix this, i.e. , leave, and then we will enter Crimea without serious hostilities,” he said.

However, such a scenario is unlikely for OP’s counsel.

“Most likely, it will be like this: the task of Russia’s significant tactical defeats on the battlefield. It doesn’t matter in which direction, because there is no point in directly discussing specific directions. Even the general staff probably won’t. But after they cause significant tactical defeats in any direction, Russia itself will quickly withdraw from the Crimean peninsula.” Podoliak says.

According to him, after a series of military defeats on the territory of Ukraine, even in other directions, it will be difficult for the Russians to keep Crimea.

At the same time, OP’s adviser believes that the refusal of Ukrainians from Crimea will help to “preserve the current political regime in Russia.”

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