Pirates explode. Bartos analyzes, Grigorova asks for reforms

“We have not yet analyzed the resulting numbers, we looked at them a while ago without any significant statistical data,” Bartos said after the publication of the results.

“You can always do something better. Last week’s campaign took a very interesting turn, saw a surprising increase in pledges and motorists. Regional elections are coming up soon, and some of the findings of these elections will be based on them,” he added.

However, on Monday, an attempt to convene a nationwide forum appeared on the Pirates website. It was founded by the pirate Lukasz Dolez from Brno with the idea that the campaign should be evaluated and the issue of “confidence in the party leadership” should be resolved.

An extraordinary forum is not on the agenda, according to Grigorova, the party’s deputy leader who ran against Bartosh in January’s presidential election.

“The result is a big disappointment for the pirate side and we have to think about it. Now, of course, it is difficult to say exactly what the reasons for the failure are. However, analyzing the reasons and learning from them is on the agenda,” he wrote to Novincom a Brava.

“I personally believe that we need to make internal changes, but not at the leader level, but internal reforms,” ​​he added.

Something can always be done better. Regional elections are coming up soon, which will already be based on some of the findings of these elections

Ivan Bardos

According to Doležal, the party must also decide whether private campaigns led by Mikulas Fergencic will be allowed.

He paid for several clips supported by prominent party figures such as Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky, former Prague Mayor and today’s Transport Councilor Zdeněk Hřib, and President of the Parliamentary Club Jakub Michálek.

“Bad Environment and Celebrity Support”

Ferjenik’s personal campaign caused gasps among other candidates and other party members.

This is why Doležal demands that the party in the National Forum assess “the dire situation of the party and its divisions” and deal with “the availability of key party figures to party members and the support of candidate friends”.

Almost 12,000 people voted for me, and I think some of them voted for Pirates thanks to my activism. I think I got some results

Mikulas Fergencic

Ferjenčík eventually moved from 12th to fifth. However, the Pirates won 6.2 percent of the vote and one seat. Grigorova received 23,388 preferential votes, ousting the leader, Marcel Kolaja.

He didn’t want to discuss Ferjenik’s initiative too much. “Some candidates are making videos, whether it was in line with the idea of ​​the party or not, that is an internal party matter,” he told Novincom a Prau.

Ferjenčík didn’t come much. “Almost 12,000 people voted for me, and I think some of them voted for Pirates thanks to my action. I think something paid off. But I don’t want to speculate on how to proceed now, we’re all disappointed,” he told Novincom a Brava.

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