Paroubek is unstoppable: hate and aggression are nurtured here by truth and love and the “Prague Cafe”.

Mr. Engineer, I must ask at the outset what you say about the result of the first round of the presidential election?

In a way he didn’t surprise me. I expected the result to be very close, and it was. It’s about those two people. And it’s interestingly ironic, because the government’s popularity is below thirty percent of the vote, and its three candidates, namely Fischer, Nerudova, and Pavel, get about 55 percent of the vote. There is a paradox somewhere in the fact that more than 25 percent of the people vote against the government, while they don’t understand that these three candidates for the presidency are the same. Govt.

For example, let’s look at Jaroslav Basta, whose election results may have been much lower than his supporters believed.

It didn’t surprise me at all. Instead, I expected it to be between three and four percent. He is a weak candidate and that is the fault of the SPD leadership. And the SPD itself was damaged by it. Because every failure, this risk is surely reflected in the electoral results of that party.

As for the election, it is said to be a “fight” between the countryside and Prague or the big cities. Do you feel the same way? And how to explain it? Especially with the presidential election, last time it was basically…

Which areas are doing better with living standards and think that the republic is already moving towards the center of the EU, which I think is not entirely true. But people in Prague, Brno and big cities are drunk on this false belief. Also, many in small towns see jobs disappearing, good earning opportunities disappearing, and prices of food, electricity, energy, and overall cost of living skyrocketing. I would estimate a more than twenty percent increase in the overall cost of living this year and last year compared to 2021. As a result, the quality of life has decreased. This is not just a drop in living standards on the order of one-tenth of a percent, but a massive drop of at least twenty percent on average. This means – the upper income class is not affected much, but the middle and lower income groups.

And on journalist John Tuna’s Twitter account, which means, “Brag and love must conquer all and hate?” How would you comment on the words?

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Don’t know what tuna is…

If we compare the situation in society with the last presidential election, is it the same or are the “trenches” between the people even deeper?

First of all, I must say that in the camp of truth and love and Czech rights, there are direct authoritarian tendencies. Pavel speaks to the television camera, in fact freedom of speech is not absolute, it can be limited in the interest of the security of the state, it is not defined, it cannot be completely defined. It is a totalitarian trend like embroidery. He could say that somewhere in the barracks, but not in public in a free nation. So if he is elected, we are in for an era of barracks capitalism. With a stupid government, incompetent, supported by a president from the same political camp. I think that would be very wrong.

What about the fact that the two candidates who advanced to the second round have a communist past? What does this say about our nation more than thirty years after the revolution?

This speaks primarily to the fact that the Communist Party – I’ve never been a member of the Communist Party, so this may be a bit of an exaggeration – has probably done its personality policy very well.

Given that past, how do you explain, for example, Prague’s so-called “Prague Cafe” leaning more towards General Pavlo? How did it actually happen that there is such a concept as “good ex-communist” and “bad ex-communist”…

They can turn white into black and black into white. To make the Pope a conqueror is to make a general the Lamb of God. That’s how it is. It all culminated in the intervention of a Catholic priest at the Infant Jesus Church, who essentially forbade entry into the church. Well, we’re already going back to the time of the Inquisition where the Catholic Church restricted people’s freedom of thought, freedom of movement, and I don’t know what it was. So they all need to be healed. But citizens in particular should wake up, because it shows what kind of situation the Prague cafe envisions here. A state with no excuses, people, especially those from the lower and middle income groups, will pay for all the stupid things the government thinks up, including buying unnecessary weapons for billions of crowns. And then, of course, the belts are tightened. For example, the government wants to increase the very low VAT rate, thereby siphoning off tens of billions missing from the state budget from the most needy citizens.

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Chairman Claus told the 2019 club meeting that directly electing the president was a big mistake and that the candidates were actually nominating themselves. He compared it to a beauty pageant. right?

He is right. But I support direct elections. However, in essence, it often turns out to be biased against many talented and good candidates because they cannot be manipulated by influential lobby groups who bankroll their campaigns.

Talking about the election campaign, it intensified after the first round. What else to expect in this direction? (The interview was conducted prior to the export information for Andrej Babish’s wife.)

I guess anything is to be expected. Because whatever General Pavle’s camp did, it was actually a teacup against the aggression of Andrzej Babis. So it’s all fun. If anyone is harboring hatred and aggression here, it’s Truth and Love and Prague Cafe and Co.

What do you think Andrej Babiš can win? What advice would you give him? Sociologist and professor Keller told Parlamentní in an interview that, for example, he should define himself against the Euro…

I think he defines himself with the Euro. He says it’s a possible thing in perspective, but until the euro and the koruna equalize to some acceptable level, it’s a pointless idea.

But I think it is very important to point out the connection of Fialo’s government, which is completely incompetent, with the fact that he (Pavel) is an extension of what it plans here, including those armed systems worth a hundred billion crowns. Hand and candidate. He can’t say no. He was elected by some 81,000 signatories, but he was elected by this coalition. The coalition, all its parties, supported him after that first round of elections. So he is his candidate. That’s the first thing.


Who divides society the most?

Voted by: 8272 people

The second thing is to focus on inflation. There, I think Andrzej Babis is most accused of the Czech National Bank’s senseless plans to raise rates. Follow the path of gradually reducing these rates and revitalizing the economy. Because the rate increase means that those small and medium-sized Czech businesses with no income in euros will not be able to get loans. Conversely, adults who have a portion of their income in euros can borrow from a bank at a bank rate of up to two percent in euros. Czech companies without this option must pay an interest rate of 7 percent. This makes them uncompetitive. I think Andrej Babiš defines it very well.

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And then, of course, the efforts for peace in Ukraine, which also go against the grain of “truth and love,” which, in line with the objectives of the US military-industrial complex, Pavel has a clear stance on, will fight. To the last Ukrainian soldier.

Were you surprised that the SPD didn’t directly back Babiš in the end? And what about the CSSD level?

Be that as it may, here is one candidate who represents an anti-people coalition, and the other is not in any context, but a better solution, or if you like, a lesser evil than the other. Well, I always choose the lesser evil. So I chose – Andrej Babiš. But some leaders of Social Democracy are simply not up to it, because they think Andrzej Babis has burned the pond for them. But based on the loss of voters who fled to A. Babiš, they themselves are to blame for their incompetence. As for the SPD, it made a half-hearted decision because it knew voters wouldn’t listen to it anyway. Of course, if Andrej Babiš loses, it is their shared responsibility that there will be a general here who will carry out the instructions of America’s military-industrial complex.

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