Orban failed to condemn Russia’s attack on Okhmatdyt and called for a “ceasefire”.

In more than a day, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán commented for the first time on Russia’s attack on the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kiev.

He wrote his opinion on X (Twitter), “European truth” reports.

Orban’s tweet had no place to condole the dead and injured in the missile attack, nor did he mention that Russia was behind it.

The Prime Minister of Hungary spoke about the “sad and terrible terrorist attack in Kiev”, which, according to him, proves: “The cruelty of the Russian-Ukrainian war has reached a new level.”


“That’s why we started peacekeeping nine days ago. The ever-increasing intensity of the war is a call to world powers to abandon the policy of war and instead develop a policy of peace that encourages Russia and Ukraine to cease hostilities. Talk peace,” he added.

Other European leaders unequivocally condemned the Russian shelling of “Okhmatdyt” and expressed their condolences to the victims.

Orban’s opponent is Peter Magyar He announced the collection of humanitarian aid Preparing to go to Kyiv with Ukrainian children and medical supplies.

The mayor of Budapest, the capital of Hungary, Gergy Korachon, has condemned the massive Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, especially on “Okhmadyd”. Criticized Orban from time to time By visiting Moscow.

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