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Estimates: In the Netherlands, a coalition of the Labor Party and the Green Left won

In the Dutch elections for the European Parliament, the Labor Party (PvdA) and Green Left (GL) coalition won eight seats, according to the first estimates published by public broadcaster NOS. Geert Wilders’ far-right Freedom Party (PVV) has a smaller mandate. However, as experts have noted, the margin of error in estimates can be up to one order of magnitude, so there can be two winning parties and get the same number of seats.

The Dutch elected a total of 31 MEPs, five more than in the 2019 elections, an increase due to Britain’s departure from the EU, which has since changed the number of MEPs in individual countries, and is a reflection of population growth. Netherlands.

In EU countries, due to national customs, elections are held within a few days. Voting is already over in the Netherlands. The actual results will not be announced until the last EU polling station in Italy on Sunday at 11pm.

The seven-seat win was a big win for Wilders’ PVV and Wilders, a well-known critic of the EU, immigration, Islam and aid to Ukraine. Wilders’ party has no representation in the current European Parliament. According to estimates, Prime Minister Mark Rudd’s incumbent People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) is expected to win four mandates, the Christian Democratic Challenge (CDA) three, and the left-liberal first-center party Democratic Party 66 (D66). will win the same number of seats.

Two mandates belong to the Farmers and Citizens Movement (BBB). The Animal Rights Party (PvdD), the socially liberal Volt Party, the Christian Democratic New Social Deal (NSC) party formed last summer, and the conservative Protestant State Reform Party (SGP) should each win one seat.

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Although these are estimates from only one EU country, according to experts, they can provide a first glimpse of the continent’s political mood. Before the election, there was much speculation that far-right parties would gain strength in the new European Parliament.

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