One-time payment of ten pence: which Ukrainians can get it?

In Ukraine, according to the current law, different categories of Ukrainians are entitled to certain types of additional payments from the state. These are various compensations, allowances and one-time payments. For example, a one-off payment of 10 pence is made by pensioners who have taken a qualifying retirement and met several requirements.

What requirements must be met?

Details of this payment can be found in Pension Fund. As the PFU press service points out, for a citizen to receive 10 pence, he must:

  1. 30 years of service which entitles to retirement commensurate with years of service. It is necessary to provide documents confirming the fact of such employment, excluding maternity leave, unpaid leave, etc.).
  2. The person should have worked in government or community owned enterprises.
  3. On the day a person acquires the right to go on qualified leave, he must still be in a position which entitles him to receive this assistance.

If all the requirements are met, the funds will be credited shortly after paying the single contribution for general compulsory state insurance.

Also, mostly applicants for this payment are required to provide salary certificate for the period upto July 1, 2000. This certificate does not affect the calculation of the lump sum, but it may affect the further amount of pension the person receives. Sometimes a citizen receives a refusal to pay benefits. This means that a point is not fulfilled.

What additional payments can Ukrainians receive?

In 2024, all pensioners demand an increase in the minimum and maximum pension and indexation of all pensions. Overtime pay will also increase. All this is due to an increase in the minimum living wage to which these payments are actually linked.

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