No light – no vodka. There has been a discussion in the President’s Secretariat regarding banning the purchase of fuel, cigarettes and liquor in cash

Rostislav Shurma (Photo: OPU)

Rostislav Shurma (Photo: OPU)

Office of the President Discusses the possibility of banning the purchase of excise goods with cash, including fuel, cigarettes and alcohol.

how explained Rostislav Shurma, vice-president of OP, said that the excise tax is a compensatory factor for future tax reform in Ukraine.

He also mentioned that increasing the tax on harmful consumption is being considered. As part of the reforms, it is planned to bring tax rates to average European levels.

However Raise excise dutyto meet Coupled with the improvement of tax administration.

“We are planning two basic changes. The first is electronic excise duty. Not the pre-excise stamps stuck on the packages, but a unique QR code. We are still discussing the second concept and no decision has been taken. But for this system to work, we have to convert payments for excise goods exclusively to cashless mode. have to, which means paying by card,” said Shurma.

According to him, this format has already been tested during the fuel crisis in the spring of 2022.

“All fuel suppliers shifted their customers to pay through cards and pay through application. I think the inconvenience lasted for a week or two. Then everyone adapted. It made it possible to whitewash the fuel cycle. I am sure the same will happen with tobacco and alcohol,” said Shurma.

Shurma in August 2022 SaidOP is discussing introducing a new tax model called 10−10−10. At the time, it was thought that it could become operational in the coming months.

It provides almost complete cancellation of all benefits, additional liability for violation of tax law and access of information about bank accounts by tax authorities to prevent tax evasion.

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At the time, it was reported that the quick implementation of the tax model was now hampered by the uncertainty in revenue for the coming year’s budget.

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