New police Kodias learn a special demolition maneuver. The bully has no chance

A technique to interrupt a chase or a technique to interfere during a chase. These terms are used to describe the so-called PIT maneuver (details here), which trained police officers can use thanks to special front frames that, until recently, only Octavies wore.

Photo: Skoda Auto

Until recently, only police Octavias had the frame and now Kodias have also got it.

However, it wasn’t long before the new Kodiaqs got this refined kit, offering a 245-horsepower two-litre petrol engine and brakes from the RS variant. However, their chassis have been lifted, the wheels made of steel for durability and the interior shaved down on equipment. The reason is the price.

However, thanks to the front frame, the Kodiaq and Octavia are able to stop a speeding vehicle with a trained policeman backing up and gently tapping the rear wheel. A fast car. That’s when physics intervenes, and if the maneuver is executed correctly, the chased car will rotate on its axis. When the police stopped the driver, the cage fell.

See how the PIT maneuver looks in practice with the Skoda Kodiaq.Video: Skoda Auto

Immediately after “car frame-rear” contact, if a speeding driver wishes to manage this artificially induced skid, he must turn the wheels (full swerve) sharply to the side of his rear skid. Also, the tires of the car should be able to handle it and the speed should not be too high. In practice, the PIT maneuver is practically unsolvable from a shunting point of view.

You have to take into account the high levels of stress and adrenaline of a driver who looks more or less straight ahead and minimally follows the traffic behind him. The players of Need for Speed ​​will certainly oppose us, but we dare to tactfully remind you that the differences between the video game and the real world are quite stark.

Photo: Skoda Auto

It is practically impossible to defend against a properly executed PIT maneuver.

Reckless drivers are usually stopped with an effective PIT maneuver where their driving makes the neighborhood dangerous, i.e. there is a risk of killing someone. The intervention is usually carried out at a speed of 60 km/h in safe places, which should be assessed by the police officer before starting the PIT.

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