MPs approve discretionary leave for national security The SPD criticizes the plan

A hunter applying for so-called voluntary leave for additional armed forces must undergo a direct medical examination. However, if the security situation worsens, he should be trained.

It is obvious that our government is trying to prepare for the tax threat, but the right bet, said SPD parliamentarian Radek Götten.

The Ministry of Defense is permitted to use public service information systems data for security purposes outside of a state of danger or war.

Delegates will now decide on the statutory scope of defense spending at a minimum limit of two percent of GDP.

The House of Representatives is also expected to vote Friday on an amendment to the law on faculty members, something it was unable to do Wednesday.

Did the representatives fix the amount of pension for teachers’ wages?

In late May, MPs are also expected to take action to change the Teaching Staff Act to include pensions for teachers’ pay. After it was announced that Minister Vladimir Pala resigned for health reasons in the fourth quarter, the representatives rejected the fifth proposal, and like item seven, it is again uncertain that they will do it.

According to a proposal by coalition MPs, the Ministry of Education will issue regulations so that the total funding source for teachers’ salaries corresponds to at least 130 percent of a teacher’s average gross monthly salary. So the original government proposal was covered by the fact that there would have been legislation to sack all female teaching staff.

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Yes, the government says it has quietly modified the scheme framework to guarantee only a salary equal to 130 percent of the average salary for teachers.

Children’s home type, foster care facility, diagnostic facility, an educator works in very difficult conditions including a high-powered bicycle and coalition members forget that there is an organization that works with children 24 hours a day, seven days a week without any benefits, you are a teacher, vacation for example , said Jana Berkovkov, ANO’s Minister of Churches.

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