Most popular names in the Czech Republic? It was Eliska and Jakub

The Czech Statistical Office has released data on which Czech names are most popular not just last year, but over the past 20 years. Classics can be seen leading the way, but it seems that more people are reaching for less common variations.

Most Popular Names of 2022

Among boys born in 2022, there were more Jakubs, and girls Elisek. This is not a big surprise as Jakub has been the most popular name for 12 years and Eliska for the last 11 years.

“Boys’ first names dominate JakubAlready since 2011, when he took over John’s primacy. JanIt was in second place last year and has been in the top ten most frequently given baby boy names every year since 1950. Jakub, on the other hand, entered the top ten for the first time in 1984. He finished third. Status in 2022 MathiasIt has been in the top ten since 2010,” says Marek Rožicek, head of the Czech Statistical Office.

A very common girl’s name Elizabeth, which dethroned Teresa in 2012 (she was sixth last year). She got second place VictoriaIt has appeared in the top ten since 2014. Then in 2022 it took third place elder brother. “At the same time, the name Anna was one of the ten most popular girls’ names even in the middle of the last century, and it has gradually returned to prominence since the 1990s,” says Marek Rojíček.

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What is it called? Classics take the lead, though there are more and more unusual namesPhotograph: luanateutzi,

Most Popular Names of the Last 20 Years

In the 1990s, when choosing names, parents focused more on a few proven names, and the current range is much wider. If you look at the names of girls born in 1990, there will be only ten most common names, but last year parents already choose from 29! Many word names are also very common, and they are very rare. Mostly they are Anna Marie, Sophie Anna Or Anna Victoria and in children Tui Anh, Elias John, Nicholas John.

Most popular names in regions

If you compare the choice of names across regions, last year Jakub was the most popular boy’s name in all regions except Hradec Králové, where there were more Matyas. Elizabeth Very successful in 11 regions, only Anna surpassed him in Prague and Pilsen region and later Victory in Liberec region.

Unusual Names of 2022

Unusual Male Names: Asshat, Bruce, Frank, Fred, Gulliver, Hilton, Ivor, Jonathan, Lothar, Maverick, Medin, Mike, Olaf, Rohan, Theoden and Ulrich.

Unusual female names: Don, Amira, Astrid, Celestine, Elvira, Erwin, Evira, Gaia, Agnes, Jitrenka, Kara, Leticia, Malena, Medea, Trudy and Vesna.

Names of parents

Fathers pass their names on to sons more often to daughters than to mothers. For example Antonines are more active in passing their name on to their sons, with 30 percent of them doing so last year. A quarter of the fathers who bore the names did so Wenceslas and Henry. “In terms of mothers, approximately eight percent are mothers Ludmila She named her daughter after herself, and to a lesser extent mothers’ names Natalia and Diana,” concludes Marek Rojicek.

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