Monday will be sunny with a high of 20 degrees. During the week, clear skies will alternate with showers

In the coming week, clear skies will alternate with occasional rain or showers in the Czech Republic. The maximum temperature will be close to 20 degrees Celsius. Conversely, frosts on the ground can still be expected at night and in the morning. This follows from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) forecast.

Monday will be partly cloudy. Cloudiness will gradually increase from the west, then rain in places west of Bohemia in the afternoon and evening. Meanwhile, Monday will be the hottest day of the week, with meteorologists expecting a high of 20 degrees.

Tuesday will be cloudy with occasional rain or shower over the country with occasional thundershowers. On Wednesday, the weather will change again, partly cloudy to cloudy. It will rain only in the eastern parts of the country. Both days the temperature will be similar between 15 and 16 degrees.

It will warm up a bit on Thursday, with the maximum temperature reaching 18 degrees. It will be almost obvious. However, the clouds will gradually increase and Friday will be cloudy again with occasional rain or shower again. A high of 19 degrees is expected before the weekend.

The weekend will be cloudy and cool. The maximum temperature should not exceed 16 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures will drop below freezing with low cloud cover.

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