Misha Collins from Supernatural in the Sumy region came to the front and drove the Russians into a frenzy: photo

The artist draws attention to the demining of Ukrainian lands liberated from the invaders.

The star of the series “Supernatural” is an American actor with Ukrainian roots Misha Collins Visited the front line.

In particular, he came to the Sumi region and spent a day together with the artist director Darius Marter. Collins had an important mission during the trip. Along with state emergency services units, he visited humanitarian demining areas and observed sappers’ work with his own eyes. In addition, the Hollywood star had time to meet how divers work and search dogs.

Misha Collins arrives at a school destroyed by a Russian enemy drone. The actor saw with his own eyes what crimes the Russian Federation was committing.

Misha Collins spoke passionately about her journey on social networks to once again draw the world’s attention to the war in Ukraine and the importance of helping Ukrainians. Collins’s recordings did not go unnoticed by the Russians either. In the comments, they started a real frenzy. Residents of the occupied country repeated stories of Russian propaganda and were outraged that their idol did not support the killing of innocent people. Collins paid no attention to this frenzy.

We will remind, the other day Misha Collins arrived in Ukraine with an important mission. The actor draws attention to humanitarian demining. And what’s more, he Raising funds for a special car, which helps to remove explosives. The price of the car is 450 thousand dollars.

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