Millions were spent on shopping by Prostjowan, but the merchants said they were eating it up

It enabled people in the above 65 age group and those with children below 15 years of age to apply for a marriage certificate called Current Accounts. A crown responded to each current account, and they first learned about their contribution via SMS.

As a result, people can spend it in selected institutions. The condition was that for every crown the city gave, he gave his own. For goods and services, people can pay half the price from the subsidy. 3,403 citizens availed this opportunity.

In the second phase of the scheme, which lasted from August to January, parents spent 5,731,425 crowns for their children, 3,284,547 crowns from their own pockets and 2,446,878 crowns from the city treasury through currents.

A total of 2,722 citizens and 38 businessmen participated in this segment, said Alena Vrtalov on behalf of Prostjov Town Hall.

Assistance for the elderly and families was used from St

The city initially allocated 3.5 million crowns from the budget for the second issue. Families can use them to pay for, for example, hoops, sports activities, bicycle parts or equipment.

Even in the first phase, designed for the over-65s, the plan didn’t involve as many tenants as City Hall had hoped. From the original budget he allocated one and a half million crowns, the seniors spent only 509 thousand.

681 applicants applied for this assistance from May to August and they can spend their existing contributions during the summer holidays.

Pesto is satisfied with the result of the city hall project, which has released millions of crowns in support of the dog, local merchants have spent about seven million crowns. People were driven to die. “We have achieved the desired result,” said Deputy Prime Minister Marcela Abkov (Yes).

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We expected to eat, thanks to the merchants

Merchants who participated in the program were also expecting orders. Among other things, the short solicitation question contained the city’s plan advertisement. People were not aware of the possibility of payment through current account and were surprised when the sellers themselves asked them if they wanted to pay.

The whole time, five or six of us used it. We tried to promote it ourselves, n info on Facebook. We wrote how it works, explained Robert Kauba, owner of Kaspo, a company that manufactures and produces children’s clothing in Prostejov.

It’s good for orders, they can basically get a fifty percent discount, but many people don’t ask for it anyway, he assessed.

According to vendors and companies, the system worked without any problems on the technical side, with the currency company sending shoppers money for the currency spent each day and then electronically sending them data for the denomination.

In other companies, employees wanted to collect their pension from Astje City, but they did not go for the whole month, sometimes.

At the end of the month we noticed many more things. Perhaps people realized that their first grant was coming to an end and rushed to take it. It may take some time, but information about how and where to buy is not available, explained Hana Vakov, head of the Srdcovka dairy.

Every company that decided to accept current accounts had to deal with management. It means more work compared to normal operation, but we managed it and we want to offer this option to customers. Vakov said that we will participate again in the future.

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The purpose of the project is not clear

It is not certain whether Prostjov will continue with the project after already putting his hands on it. At the bottom of the questionnaire is a place to rate the effectiveness of the program. It will take thirteen days, after which it will be evaluated, Vrtalov added.

For his participation in the project, Prostzhov paid seven percent of the original allocated tax from the budget, i.e. 350 thousand crowns, to the company operating the system, Currency.

The Commission covers the costs of operating the system, including the development of IT infrastructure, initial and customer support and other services. Thanks to this cost coverage by the city, citizens and businessmen can use the currency system for free, explained Vtzslav Beka, marketing editor of the currency project.

According to experts in the field of investments and business, the currency scheme is one of the many supports for small businesses, but it does not bring tangible profits to the businesses.

It is an interesting tool for the support and development of the local economy, which has paid off in some cities, especially in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, said Veronika Budelov Voldnerov, director of the regional office of the CzechInvest agency in Olomouc.

However, cities should not be the only option for how to move economically. Each region should try to support the business environment with respect to local specifics and select priorities accordingly. He stressed that it is the duty of cities and regions to constantly analyze the business environment and translate findings into strategic development plans.

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