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Article update: “An extensive search operation is underway near Holýšov, and police are asking the public for help”


Police said they have located the woman and she is safe. Police officers thank you for sharing the authority and search session.

Original Article:

The police, in cooperation with the fire department, have been searching since the early hours of the morning, and last night, at 8:30 p.m., the woman went missing when she left her residence in Holisow, South Pilsen. A run in the nearby forest where she usually goes.
But, after that, she didn’t send any message about herself to anyone, she didn’t come back and she didn’t have a mobile phone.

Margaret B…

date of birth …
Search announced on 7/11/2024
Residence – Holizov
Nationality Czech Republic

Markéta B. Slim build, 168 cm tall, currently has long wavy brown hair. She was wearing shorts, a dark tank top, sports bra and sneakers when she left.

If you have any information about this missing person, please call the toll free number 158 or contact the nearest police station.

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