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Since the tumor is benign, the boy does not need additional treatment, and the epileptic seizures no longer bother him.

For the first time in Ukrainian medicine, a child underwent conscious brain surgery – during the operation, when the patient is taken out of anesthesia, they communicate with him to control and not damage important parts of the brain. TSN reported that the operation was performed by doctors of Lviv St. Nicholas Hospital.

A 15-year-old patient suffered from epileptic seizures for half of his life, which was triggered by a tumor. So they began to operate on the child, talking to him during it. This is the first time such an operation has been performed on a child in Ukraine.

Maksym has a tumor, pressure on the brain and precisely the right part of the body and the area that is responsible for speech movement. Therefore, the patient should be vigilant in order not to damage it. “We were able to wake up the patient, listen, this allowed us to find the center of the tongue, in fact a part of the center of the tongue is located very close to the tumor, and in fact we had a corridor. Centimeter by half a centimeter, we removed the tumor with it,” say the doctors.

The boy lived for 8 years with a tumor that triggered seizures even with a change in emotions. But the disease progressed and limited him in his desires and abilities, and his memory deteriorated and even communication became difficult. So Maxim’s mother decided to operate. “So he lived a full life, so he could enroll in clubs. “He loved dancing, basketball, volleyball, cycling, biking,” says the woman.

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The seven-hour operation was a success. Doctors say that Maxim immediately began to speak well. Another good news – the tests showed that the tumor was completely removed. “Secondly, the histological examination came and said it was a benign tumor,” the doctors add.

“I don’t know, I can’t put it into words. I think I will change a lot physically and mentally,” insists Maxim.

Since the tumor is benign, the boy does not need additional treatment, and the epileptic seizures no longer bother him.

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