Lawyer names legal loopholes of mobilization law –

Two economic allocation models are considered in Ukraine.

In May, the Verkhovna Rada began discussing a new concept of reservation, which would allow legal “buying”. Mobilization and contributed to replenish the country’s defense budget. After all, Ukraine has no right to use international aid to finance the military. As lawyer Yuriy Tanasichuk noted, economic reservations can support business and help the country’s security, but the mobilization law does not provide for this.

He said this on the radio.”Kyiv24″.

As mentioned by the lawyer, we have passed 1/3rd stage of formation of reservation system. This is primarily due to “bending” changes in the law on mobilization.

In the new version of the law, if we provide so-called economic reservation, we will reduce the risks of corruption. If we provide economic reservation, we will give an opportunity to increase the tax on micro-enterprises and small businesses. Revenue for the budget of Ukraine, this money can be used to buy more weapons and spare laborers who are important for a certain business,” Tanasichuk said.

The lawyer also believes that the law should define the procedure for booking employees of newly created companies that started working in the defense sector of Ukraine.

As of today, 200 certified companies have been established in Ukraine, in particular, producing drones for the armed forces, and they cannot pass at least one of the seven criteria defined by the government to reserve highly qualified ones, he explained. or narrow specialists.

Yuri Tanasichuk noted that big business, especially in the energy sector, has a “complete green light” for reserving workers. Other businesses related to Ukraine’s security also have some opportunities to book, while others do not.

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“I am talking with entrepreneurs such as communication, which is now important for Ukraine. In fact, their reservation took place for three and a half months, but some specialists who are important to this structure and provide certain functions, the interests of the security of Ukraine went forward as infantry officers, but in a different process, more than the work they did professionally in the company I believe many times less effective,” the lawyer summed up.

Let’s remind The council discussed the finer points of the new reservation rules.

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