Kremlin war crimes against Ukrainian children

At least 485 Ukrainian children died during the full-scale war.

On Sunday, June 4, as Ukraine commemorates the children who died as a result of the Russian occupation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky emotionally remembered the crimes of the occupying state President Volodymyr Putin and his aides. The Kremlin.

That’s him spoke In his traditional evening address.

The Ukrainian leader insisted that today we remember the children who died since 2014, “a bunch of thugs in the Kremlin in Moscow, they would be alive if they didn’t feel like leaders who have the right to decide the fate of countries.”

“Every one of these bandits will be punished. I have no doubt about that. “All necessary legal institutions are working for this decision,” assured the President.

About dead and abducted children

According to Volodymyr Zelensky, it is certain that during the full-scale war alone, 485 children died.

“This is a number that can be officially confirmed by knowing the data of each child. Unfortunately, the real number is much higher. Every time we liberate our land from the Russian invaders, we learn the terrible truth about the occupation. About how many people and how many children are buried in the occupied territory – this war In the graves, this occupation. How many more are in the ruins of the Ukrainian towns and villages burned by Russia,” the President emphasized.

The President of Ukraine noted that there is currently no complete information on the hundreds of thousands of children deported to Russia.

“As of today, due to various efforts, we managed to return 371 deported children to Ukraine. Although we know of at least 19,505 deported Ukrainian children, this is only a fraction of our small Ukrainian men and women who are still with the enemy. We must all return,” the President stressed. .

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About the consequences of the missile attack near Dnipro

Volodymyr Zelenskyi announced the completion of rescue operations in the town of Pidhorodne in the Dnipro region, where Russian rockets destroyed homes.

“25 people were injured, five of them children. The boy, David, 6, is in critical condition. Denis, 11, is also in critical condition. Oleksandr, 15, is also in critical condition. Lisa, 17, is receiving outpatient treatment. . Kira, she is 10 years old, she has a mine blast injury and is being treated on an outpatient basis. It is painful to see such reports. A 2-year-old girl named Lisa was killed by this Russian missile. Probably “Iskander”. My condolences to the family and friends…” – said the President .

About the countries that help Russia

Zelenskyi also informed about today’s special meeting on economic sanctions with the participation of representatives of GUR, Foreign Intelligence Service, Government and President’s Office.

“They studied in great detail how Russia violates sanctions and who helps it. Different countries, different companies, without which Russia cannot produce terrorist means, especially missiles. “Unfortunately, the terrorist state manages to use global technologies through a network of suppliers, violating international sanctions. ” noted the Ukrainian leader.

According to the President, the Ukrainian authorities are looking at every way to avoid the existing sanctions, each country whose territory or jurisdiction, whose citizens are constantly used for terrorism by Russia.

“We, together with our partners, must close all such directions – so that there are no products of the free world in Russian missiles, in Russian weapons. Necessary measures will be taken,” the president promised.

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We will remind you that on Saturday, June 3, an explosion rang out during an airstrike in the Podgorodno community on the outskirts of Dnipro. A two-storey residential building was damaged in the rocket attack.

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