Jamon locks it behind him. After joining the castle, Pavel soon leaves for Slovakia

A festive traditional lunch will be held in Vladislavské sle at 2:00 pm at a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate. It will be closed by a parade of the city’s highest building officials.

To the sound of Korunov cheers, Senta Milo Vistril President, House Speaker Markta Pekarova Adamova and Prime Minister Peter Fiala, President of the Constitutional Court Pavel Rysetsk and his wife Helena will arrive.

Follow them with the accompaniment of Intrda cheers. 4 President Milo Zeman will be accompanied by his wife, his predecessor Víclav Klaus with his wife Livi and Dagmar Havelová, wife of the first Czech President Václav Havel, accompanied by John Kay, a member of the President’s Military Office. Republic.

Officers of Hradn stre will bear the seal of Tom Garrigue Masaryk and the blessed lion, and the seal of rank R. Before the procession of Pavle and his wife, the flags from Hradn stre will go to sound. Hussite Choir Who are you bo fighters They carry historical banners. Paul’s parade is a celebratory interlude. The musicians will cheer for the fourth movement of the symphony as the last of the Estonian flag and the presidential standard are brought to the ground. 8 Anton Divock.

Member of Parliament and Senator Pekarov Adamov began with a water speech. At his invitation, Pavel and Wystrill go to the table on the stage. Pavel laid hands on the state as he had promised, and raised his hand to Visril in confirmation. At the table, he signs a document with the text of the promise. For this, a special pen was prepared in the mansion.

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After the oath, a song was played during which soldiers from Bedno fired 21 long salvos. A standard will be hoisted above Brask Castle. This will be followed by the speech of the new President. After carrying the historic banners, flags and standards, Pavel and Modell will exit the Libeau Opera House to a standing ovation, followed by the former president and founder.

After the opening ceremony, Pavel welcomes the public from the balcony to the second floor, then goes to the first floor, where Karel Ehka is under his breath. Waving war flags, Pavel approaches the funeral of the first Slovak president, Tom Kariku Masaryk, where he lays a flower. After that, he will say goodbye to his relatives and leave for the Church of England, where the wedding will take place for around 2,500 invited guests. Only the lead singer of the Spiritul quintet will sing.

The last part of the festive program is a prayer in the Church of St. Wenceslas in the St. Vada Cathedral and a concert by the Prague Philharmonic in the main nave of the church.

Zemanv mandt ukon sven standardy

President Miloš Zeman’s decree, the law to pass the presidential standard on March 9, i.e. before the newly elected president takes office. Following that, the grand Brno of Prague Castle will be closed to mark the vacancy of the presidential row. The award will be presented again on Thursday morning, and Peter Powell will visit the castle to make a solemn vow.

Vystril and Pekarov Adamov, ahead of two presidential speeches in Slot Zetlan, agreed that the powers of the head of state would fall to former Prime Minister Fiel until Pavel fulfilled his promise.

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