“It’s bad for us”: Expert explains why China’s activity on the international stage is dangerous for Ukraine

The focus on the war in Ukraine could drag on the dialogue between the US and China.

An unusual function, which was recently developed China On the international stage, Ukraine is dangerous. As China’s weight grows, Russia has lost its status as the world’s global partner.

About it on “Apostrophe TV”. said Diplomat, international expert Ruslan Osypenko.

“China has great influence, it is actually the second power in the world, and after the G-20 summit, they and the United States decide the international agenda, so it is dangerous for us to involve China in this war,” the expert noted. .

After the Munich Security Conference, through various bilateral meetings, he noted that China’s international activity began with the visit of Wang Yi, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee, to Moscow, President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping preparing for the 24th, support for Iran’s sovereignty, China announced, Russian Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to the capital.

Ruslan Osypenko believes that even Xi Jinping’s “peace plan” has been adjusted slightly in relation to the US position on the Ukrainian-Russian war.

“Russia has already become a regional country and lost its status as a global partner of the world. On the contrary, China’s weight has increased, and the emphasis will be shifted to the dialogue between the United States and China. This is bad. For us, frankly,” the ambassador explains.

China’s “plan” for war in Ukraine

Chinese officials remain neutral on the Russian Federation’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. the other day The People’s Republic of China promulgated this documentA so-called “peace plan” in which he would present his vision for a solution to the war.

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However, later China’s representative to the UN, Zhang Jun, said: There is no mention of a “peace plan”. A status document.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov is convinced China will not stand with Russia in war against UkraineBut only trying to manipulate and earn dividends for future negotiations with USA.

This was stated by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Beijing is not considering supplying arms to Russia For its use in the war against Ukraine.

Roman Pesmertny, a Ukrainian politician and diplomat, noted that the world could turn to global conflict from today – China will definitely take Russia’s position during the world war.

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