It happened today: Energy price hikes cause storm, Ferry refuses to apologise

According to SPD’s Jan Hrnčíř, deputy chairman of the parliamentary budget committee, the Energy Regulatory Office’s proposal represents 5,000 to 6,000 kroner a year for the average family. According to Karel Havlicek, First Vice-President of ANO and former Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport, the plan will fundamentally affect companies and result in more brutal, energy-intensive operations.

However, Prime Minister Peter Fiala denied that households would pay significantly higher bills because of the Energy Regulatory Office’s proposal. According to him, the increase in regulated prices, which will come to around 1,400 kroner including VAT per megawatt hour (MWh) in the basic tariff, will erase the price drop in electricity prices. At the same time, the Prime Minister rejected Tuesday’s criticism of the opposition parties. According to him, previous governments have played a major role in the current energy situation of the country.

“The trial has destroyed my personal and professional life,” former TOP 09 MP Dominik Feri said at the District Court for Prague 3. Ferry’s indictment charges two counts of rape and one count of attempted rape. For this, the public prosecutor proposed a three-year prison sentence. The politician’s lawyer said Ferry was the only victim in the case. The Senate adjourned the hearing to Thursday, when the verdict will be announced.

Anti-Semitic riots in Russia’s Dagestan show that the Kremlin is not in control of the country and cannot maintain stability in it. Independent Russian media reported this, citing Russian government sources. According to US analysts, the unrest points to the growing radicalization of Russian society, a result of strong nationalist ideologies reinforced by the war in Ukraine.

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Russian media announced the formation of a battalion of Ukrainian military prisoners, and said that it had already entered the service of the Russian combat system “Cascade”. According to Russian Sputnik, the battalion is named after Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, and its commander is former tank commander and Ukrainian army sergeant Andriy Tyshchenko. Since the start of the war, Russia has reportedly been conscripting Ukrainians in the occupied territories to join its army, and as Ukrainian prisoners of war, these conscripts face suspicion of high treason.

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