Intelligence explains why reports of an attack on Kyiv have increased recently

Raising the topic of the threat of aggression against Ukraine by Belarus is a Russian Information and Psychological Operation (IPSO).

It was reported Andriy Yusov, representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Telethon is on the air.

“Ideologically triggering the topic of an imminent military threat from Belarus, as the Main Intelligence Directorate has already reported, this is actually the Russian IPSO. Of course, we know everything about the dictator Lukashenka, about the regime in Belarus. But there are objective things: the number of the group , the readiness of forces and means and other points, as of today, there is no threat of a full-scale ground operation from Belarus, its participation. Russia’s side,” said Yusov.

According to him, if the situation changes, there will be relevant information.

Note that if attackers try repeatedly Perform For Kiev, Ukraine’s security forces expect to stop them at the border with Belarus. The Ukrainian military is preparing for any possible development.

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Inna Briukova“Evening Kiev”

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