In the documents, Armada Mon disclosed billions worth of future purchases from the US

Joined the Women’s Army studiedTakes into account the current situation and the future needs of the military by 2050, general information and no weight limits of equipment, but specific forces and types.

You don’t match what you talk about in the military. Therefore, there is a need to arm from obsolete equipment from the Soviet Union or Russia.

It is primarily used as a replacement for the Mi-17 transport helicopter, the Mi-171 and the Yak-40 respectively. Their change has long been mooted given the army’s weak air force. At the moment, it only has a pair of Airbus A-319 aircraft, Gaza flights, useful for transporting goods, and then the famous Turbolet L-410. It is suitable for short distances with relatively low efficiency.

Therefore, the mistake is not only the aircraft capable of taking loads and carrying them to artillery distance, but also the aircraft that can sing when the charge and give, huge and technical equipment is needed. Do not talk about further transportation of government officials if there is a change in the internal structure. This is still happening on Gaza flights. It’s an emergency, but a good one. Passengers facing the plane are known to have less comfort.

Czech Air Force C-295M CASA aircraft

In the documents, we find emergency operation of three helicopter squadrons, support of foreign forces and poor aircraft operation with the life of airfields and lighting equipment at least until 2052.

Viper, Venom and Chinook

How can technology work at Nmti? Helicopters of the H-1 system, i.e. Venom and Viper. Armada currently ranks first among them. There will be twenty pieces in total. The same poet has been replaced in the document. According to the then six helicopters, for example the CH-47 Chinook.

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The military needs non-aircraft technology, such as that used by the Allies and used by troops to train at Esk, but the technology that makes it work will be operational in other years and Nm욝 difficult. The document talks about the existence of fifth-generation aircraft, so it is about the Gripens and the F-35, two Type C transport aircraft. Here is a list of examples of Gaza and C-130 Hercules aircraft.

An example from the document on the modernization of flight research.

In the last row, we are talking about a pair of transport aircraft of type D, a modified C-17 Globemaster, with which our army has gained experience after importing new Viper helicopters and the necessary service and simulation technology. Compared to the two weights, the sentence is more concrete.

Confirmation of purchase of transport aircraft

In November this year, the Ministry of Defense confirmed the acquisition of the new technology, but was not specific. As part of the modernization of the Air Force, the Ministry of Defense is implementing the purchase of two medium transport aircraft. At this time, a round of consultation is being held with manufacturers, the information received is analyzed for research, which will be the basis for the evaluation and decision of the next step, said Simona Signov from the press department. Ministry of Defence.

The procurement of a medium transport aircraft is currently under the cooperation of the Industry Department of the Ministry of Defence. Potential suppliers include Brazil’s Embraer, France’s Airbus and the US government through the US Department of Defense’s FMS (Foreign Military Sales) program, which facilitates the sale of US arms and military equipment to foreign governments.

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Buying a pair of medium transport aircraft will not be the only difference in the capabilities of military air forces in the future. It will also replace the helicopter, and it’s pretty clear to me what those will be. This was in practice in the tender for helicopters of the H-1 system. A fine of five billion was imposed for the stalled tender, although the army is now gradually taking over.

If I’m clear, on Hercules and Globemaster planes, that’s a question. In the Czech Republic, it was performed twice by the Embraer C-390 Millennium, most recently by Defense Minister Jana Ernochov in April last year. The Army tested the Pandur II Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier during the demonstration. He was mentioned in colors as my favourite.

As the final price of the fifth-generation F-35 aircraft is currently being negotiated in the US, there could be a side effect on the delivery of data used by the military. Data technology provided to Ukraine. We tell her that, but I believe that the specific requirements in the study published by the Ministry of Defense will not wash.

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