In the Czech Republic, 160,000 cars are driven without a mandatory rune. The accident was going to ruin me

By law, a mandatory manual transmission includes codes that the driver transmits to someone else. That is why he is so obliged. However, many journalists are forced to ignore it. You don’t have to be disappointed if you have to pay for the index from your own money, but you can’t avoid success.

According to the Czech Insurer’s Office (KP), 160,000 cars were driven without compulsory insurance on Czech roads last year. First, these motorists disclose the fact that evening codes come from their own sources. In addition, you will receive a penalty from KP first, because it is authorized to charge every day without changing the rate. But what to do after a broken car accident?

It is relatively easy to find out whether a person is able to drink or not. If you do not have a green card, have forgotten it at home or accidentally cannot find it, it is necessary to call the police immediately in case of accidents. It is best to keep the car intact, but photograph the entire scene of the accident. Then the policeman fainted. If the blinking really turns out to be incessant, the sufferer should return to the GP. He would first pay the victim a garland of code, and then he would retrieve it after a series of justifications.

Claims for subject codes are usually resolved very quickly, with health codes, on the other hand, it is a long-term process as some claims can be applied after a time gap. This is, for example, a social security claim, as a rule, and since the state of health must be confirmed one year after the accident. However, KP explained that the same conditions apply to the tax office in KP as in grocery stores.

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Once it is paid in full, use the KP code for joint and several drivers and the operator of the vehicle (if the operator is not known, the owner of the vehicle) is responsible. KP sets a written deadline for Castle or concludes a payment agreement. If the defaulter does not repay the debt within the specified time, or does not enter into a payment agreement with KP, KP will resort to external debt collection, especially companies specializing in debt collection. This company contacts the debtor and again gives him the right to settle the illegal debt. If even this grace period is not met, the lawyer initiates the case, but the claim may be extended for the costs of the case. For those who do not pay even based on the final court verdict, the execution begins, KP explained.

According to UNIQA, a case like this is extremely rare, estimated at less than a few years. Due to the severe punishment of continuous cars of KP lasting about 10 years (the test compares cars registered in operation and continuous cars, when a letter is sent to the owner to pay the mandatory rent + paid in full. Non-continuous period), there are such cars on the roads. But according to Eva Svobodov, printer of UNIQA pojiovna, there were no more than 400,000 times.

The guarantee fund is made up of pension contributions and fines for non-payment enforced from lesser offenders. KP will demand full payment of insurance after non-continuance penalty.

When alcohol is unknown, it is a problem

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Accidents can happen, winking can also happen, which is a traffic accident caused by an unknown vehicle. In such cases, KB Kot refers only to codes for health and not Kot codes for property. A vehicle with incorrect registration plates can lead to accidents. In this case, the most important factor is whether the car can be identified in another way and whether it has been driven. However, it is always necessary to call the police for such accidents.

Destroy even unlicensed foreigners

Contactless cars are not only domestic cars but also foreign cars. Four years ago, when the Russian occupation of Ukraine began, a large number of Ukrainian cars began to appear on Czech roads. Those times were very conflicting. The reason is, among other things, that it is not legally possible to insure a car from Ukraine in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, during the last months, KB automatically paid all the codes that damaged Ukrainian cars and did not ask for anything in the form of help. It has changed. According to the management team of KP, the new thing is that the cases of persistent Ukrainian motorists will be evaluated individually. In the case of many young children, refugee women in obvious need should be given way. Despite the standardization of vehicles, we should be aware that Ukraine remains active, and those who really drink to everything can still seek safety in our land, says John Matuk, the determined managing editor of KP. According to KP estimates, there are currently about 34,000 Ukrainian cars on Czech roads. And 4 of those prints are without the obligatory ruen.

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