In search of a large library, Zeman began to retreat to his bungalow

I have a specific problem. I need to get rid of the books I got from both Fort and LN. “I’m afraid of this job, it’s going to be boxes and boxes of books and other things, but mostly those books,” he wrote. He said he cleaned up the trash in his office, but that was about one percent of the work he needed to do.

It was confirmed three years ago that Zeman was looking for a bigger library, so President G Ovec is speaking. When the bungalow was completed, Mr. The President will be very happy. He said then.

Under them are spruce trees and jeek

Checked, we also have a descriptive term. Now there is a surplus including the bed stand. Zeeman explained that even when they took the Aluden study, I would sometimes lie down.

You know, an almost eighty-year-old hunter is not young, he added. He remembered the routine of walking, biking, and biking that we don’t have now. However, he found a fit in his wheelchair, which made it easier for him to walk down long corridors.

The house stands on a plot of land with about fifteen fir trees. Below them is a jeek. The President explained that the house was designed in such a way that spruce trees and oak trees, if any, could be seen through the glass wall at that time.

So they gave me a beautiful garden in front of those shoots, and there they planted many perennials, but I also see, I will go out into the garden with my cart, and my stay in Regondin will be blessed. he added.

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Zeman thus changed that he was determined to go to Wysoina, where the library was too large to sing. I will only go there. He lamented that I used to ride bky in winter but it was not possible.

It is set from 2020 deadline

In mid-May 2020, construction began on the western edge of the center of Lny Village. Zeman bought a 1,000 square meter plot of land from local businessman Joseph Hoke for 2.5 million kroner.

The server pointed out that two weeks after the money was transferred to Hoke in 2012, his daughter, Ivana Pov. Contract for production of boards from Lesn spravy Lny A total of 1.5 million crowns. The agreement was signed by Milo Falk, the head of Finnish commerce at the time. President G Ovec said at the time that this was a foolish construction.

Zeman actually lived in the castle in Novi Vessel na Wysoin, where he spent two and a half hours before becoming president in 2013. When he was elected head of state, he moved with his family to Lumbe’s villa near Praska Castle. In Nové Vesel, the usual summer vacation lasts.

In May 2020, construction began on the President’s Bungalow:

As of November 2020, construction has progressed, with walls around the perimeter of the wall:

In May 2022, the building was completed:

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