In Russia, 17 thousand prisoners have disappeared from prisons in 35 regions

Journalists contacted prisoners in several areas.

During the war in Ukraine, 17 thousand prisoners disappeared from Russian colonies in 35 regions.

about this It is said In “Mediazon”.

Journalists remind that neither the Federal Service for Execution of Sentences (FSVP) of Russia, nor the “Wagner” PMK Yevgeny Prigozhin, nor the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have published official data on the number of prisoners recruited for the war. . The level of recruitment can be estimated from prison population figures, but the FSVP stopped publishing it for a period of time, fully announcing in January 2023 that it was no longer decreasing.

Journalists collected data from the websites of 35 regional FSVP offices – at the beginning of 2023, the number of prisoners in these regions decreased by a total of 17,000.

The largest number of prisoners “disappeared” in Samara (2,723), Chelyabinsk (1,574) and Kirov regions (1,153) and Tatarstan (1,040). Prisoners in many regions provided their data on recruitment in the colonies – yes, in the Tula region, they confirm the FSVP statistics on the population of the prison, and the data of the agency in the Krasnoyarsk region and the Yaroslavl region were less. In total, at the beginning of 2023, in these 35 regions, there were 17 thousand There were fewer prisoners (which is more than half of the annual reduction in the general country)”, the source said.

“Mediazona” also notes that it is not known what caused the large increase in the number of prisoners in the Smolensk region and occupied Crimea: there is no news about new colonies built here.

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An interlocutor in a colony in the Tula region told reporters that about a thousand people were recruited in advance from colonies in the entire region: this number, according to him, was called prisoners by FSVP workers. This is confirmed by statistics: at the beginning of 2022, 6,400 people were placed in the colonies of the Tula region, at the beginning of 2023 – 5,500 people (875 less).

At the same time, in many regions, the statistics published by the FSVP do not match the prisoners’ stories.

“For example, the prison department in the Krasnoyarsk Territory reports that the number of prisoners has practically not changed this year (-54). At the same time, many sources report the activity of recruiters in this region. For example, from the former political Norilsk IC-15 alone, 270 prisoners went to war. Written by Ivan Astashin.

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